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I Can Bring Home the Bacon

As I write this Molly is enjoying a nice big slice of Lemon Pound cake I made Sunday night because we had a friend over for dinner. In fact in the time it took me to write that sentence the cake has been eaten.

I love to cook and bake and I have written on this topic before. But I am not sure I have covered why I like to cook. I find it a very calming and yet creative activity, some people like to exercise (shudder) or work in their garden there are even those that like to watch… sports.

None of that is for me. I like to find recipes and makes modifications to them that are simple and easy and make them more delicious. It has all the areas of control I like not to mention creativity and in the end brings others and myself pleasure. Sound familiar?

And just like D/s the celebrities piss me right the fuck off. At the top of that list is Gordon Ramsey, I wouldn’t cross the street to piss on the man if he was on fire. He represents everything wrong with the cult of personality that drives the public today. He is mean and cruel and if he every treated anyone I cared about in that way I would deck him. I doubt that any food he could whip up could possibly excuse his horrible behavior.

To me the cult of celebrity chefs demean and devalue the art of cooking. If you are paying that much attention to yourself you are not paying enough attention to the people that matter. The ones that eat what you cook. I am at my proudest of my cooking ability when Molly sits back after a meal and tells me that we could not have gone out and had something as nice. It is the same when my friend Hope has my Butterscotch pudding and makes those orgiastic noises of delight as she eats it. And when my friends want to know if I am doing Thanksgiving again.

Just like after I have given Molly a great flogging or a great series of orgasms and she is in my arms and we are both content because our needs have both been met. Cooking food for others and having them enjoy it brings out the same feeling in me.


2 thoughts on “I Can Bring Home the Bacon

  1. Lemon. Pound. Cake. I know I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me, maybe?

    I can’t watch the cooking shows in general. I don’t like the competition feel. I’m not a cook, but I don’t like it to feel cutthroat.

  2. I know many men who like to cook and bake. Including all three of my sons, my ex and my second husband. My youngest wanted to be a chef until he met the Canadian version of Gordon Ramsay. He’s no longer in culinary school or working in a restaurant. But he’s on his own, and cooks some very interesting meals. He likes learning by me teaching how to make and bake his favorite cookies. I raised my sons to be accountable and equitable in them relationships. If they can clean and do laundry, they can learn to cook.

    Somehow baking and cooking brings out a creative side that often they are unaware of, or haven’t been able to express. Many men barbecue, but to me, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When you plan and cook the entire meal, or bake bread and cookies, it’s a different skill set. Especially for a party. My current husband planned, cooked and bake for our first party in our home last January for eight people including ourselves. He learned a considerable amount about the complex mathematics of holding a dinner party, the timing of each part of the menu, and how to handle a mini disaster (fire is bad).

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