Molly using a glass dildo for deliver




There is something interesting about being the spouse of a sex blogger (yeah, yeah, I know that I might qualify as a sex blogger now too) the mailman will deliver the most interesting packages.

That happened again this week, now Molly doesn’t often do toy reviews. But now and then something will catch her eye and she will make an exception to that rule. That works out well for me. I like to watch her use her toys. It turns me on.

To be precise, my favorite thing to do is watch her use a toy while she sucks on me. I like how it changes what she does. Molly has a very talented mouth and she pays a great deal of attention while she is delivering oral delights. It is always excellent. But there is a special kind of wildness that happens when she is getting close to orgasm that lends a bit of spice when she is not fully focused on me.

The moans she makes, and the urgent way she sucks on me as she gets closer and closer to coming is just amazing. Not to mention that I get to she her thrusting a toy into herself and rubbing her clit while I kneel on the bed. There is a loss of control on her part that somehow makes me feel more powerful, as if she only exists for my pleasure. That I am using her mouth, using her as she was meant to be used.

Fuck me that is hot. I saw a video clip years back of a woman riding a Sybian and sucking on a cock and I thought, oh yes, I want to do that. I want to use her mouth while she is so lost in pleasure that there isn’t a thought in her head except to be a receptacle for my come.

Sadly Sybians are stupid expensive and I will have to wait until we manage to get a winning lottery ticket.

But if someday the mailman just happens to deliver that package to our door.

That would be just fine.



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