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Not Very Dirty Dancing

Last night I was on a Skype call with one of my favorite people, to catch up and generally talk about things. These calls tend to run pretty long because we don’t get to do them as often as we would like because of time zones and schedules. Since I suck at writing these posts earlier in the day 10:00PM, my target posting time, had come and gone and we were still chatting.

Since I was chatting with two very bright ladies, I thought I would ask them what topic I should write about, but they didn’t really have anything that got my motor running so I went with my own notion.

But a short while after I published my post I got a Whatsapp message from my distant but lovely friend suggesting that I should write about dancing. While I have some few talents I can tell you that dancing isn’t one of them. Molly? She can dance, I mean really dance. She can really move her body, while I am the guy with three left feet.

It is sad really, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t dance. On one of my early visits we went to Convent Garden and downstairs they had a string quartet on a stage and chairs set up so that people could sit and listen. We came down the staircase right by the quartet and once we reached the bottom I swept her up in my arms and we waltzed to the music (I can fake a pretty good waltz) when the song finished we got a big round of applause from the audience and the band. Of course the kids ran away and hid from such a public display, but hey that is why you put up with kids, for those moment you can embarrass them.

I will on a semi regular basis decide we need to dance like that when I hear a piece of music that inspires it. Almost always in a public place where dancing seems to surprise other people. I am a particular fan of dancing at Tesco (our local supermarket) much to the delight of the other shoppers and staff.

And most important to my delight, because the way she laughs and smiles at both the madman she married (ask her about drawing the curtains) and the joy of joining in the absurdness makes her shine.

That is a very good thing.


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