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The Show Must Go On



I don’t know if I can make it. When I started this project on the 1st of this year I expected it to be easy. After all I can talk your ear off if we are having a conversation, seriously it takes considerable will power to shut the hell up.

I have learned to get better at that over the years and I do my best to encourage others to talk since learning most often happens when you listen. But I had it in my head that what I had to say was something of value. And I hope in spite of my missteps some of what I have written has been helpful to someone sometimes.

I also hoped to improve my writing skills, but really what I have learned about that is that the limitations of twitter suit the thoughts in my head. I wander and lose my point as I witter on. This isn’t a cry for attention, when I look back over my year of posts so far I cringe at what I see. Sometimes what you learn is where your talents lie and I have learned at least that much.

I have not come to any firm decision as to whether I will be able to manage the last 58 days of the year. I will give it my best shot. But I can’t help but feel that carrying on with this (no matter how stubborn my nature might be) might not be the best use of my time.

So I will ponder it and see if I can find the inspiration to carry on, but if I don’t, please know

That it is not you, it’s me.



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  1. heidipie Avatar

    oh please, let me inspire you to carry on! your year of posts has been an utter inspiration for me as i find my way to my twue self. i have relied on your courage, your humility, your hard-earned wisdom, and the winding path you and molly traveled to find each other. i am a psychotherapist and your perspective has helped me with my kinky clients as well. in so many ways a reluctant blogger is a more accurate reflection of the average reader, i think, than the dedicated follower of a calling to document. very much hoping you will continue and that someday i will get to meet youse guyz.

  2. Come on Yank you can do it. Don’t you dare wimp out on us now! The Cubs never gave up for 108 years & to come back from being down 1 game to 3!!!… you can do this writing task for a few more weeks!
    Maybe ask for some suggestions from the peanut gallery that is us?
    Or, questions we would like to know the answers to? I just started following you and your bride this year, and I can’t be the only newbie… to you, the lifestyle…
    1. At what age did you know that you needed to be in control? Do you ever switch?
    Did you ever play along these lines, trying to find a comforting place even before you knew about the lifestyle choice? And how deep were you before Molly?
    ~ Maybe we can get Molly in on this?
    2. Does your ex wife say. “Well this explains so much of our marriage”
    3. Do you have any advice for couples where one is Very Interested and the other, maybe not so much. I began reading erotica to my husband as he drove on short car rides. Then we went to see 50 Shades… and I purchased a cheap starter kit type of thing from Amazon. Off we went to a hotel and he was very into it. All excited, even going so far as to designate a black leather duffel as our “toy bag”!
    We played a little, blindfold, soft flogging and same old regular sex. I was afraid to go too crazy with my good Catholic boy… btw, we’ve been together 22 years! We haven’t had sex in over year now. He doesn’t seem interested. He does tell me he loves me every day. Repeatedly. He does not ant to talk about sex though.
    I’ve sent him text messages, like ; I miss your cock in my mouth. I miss bj’s.
    That’s not something you’ll hear from many women that have been with her man for 22 1/2 years! So now, it’s just me and my Doxy. Any advice from anyone?
    4. I have many chronic health issues. Incurable diseases, chronic pain issues, an amputation and a tremendous amount of weight gain. (So has he!)
    I’ve offered to kill myselfmany times to release him from that vow/burden. He tells me he needs me, even tho I live in a recliner 24/7… unless we go to a hotel. I will never walk again.

    Ok. Maybe this gave you a bit to ponder. Please don’t quit mate

  3. I would miss your posts, I know finding things to write about can be difficult sometimes and when you worry about whether there’s any point, is anyone reading etc. etc. We are always, always our own worst critics.
    There’s more to life than sex and to be able to read blogs where people write about their lives, how they feel about things, insecurities, things that make them happy, helps me get to know at least a part of them. It makes me feel less alone.

  4. Michael, I hope you continue writing. We need to hear your thoughts. There are many women who are sex bloggers and I try to follow as many of them as possible, but not nearly enough male sex bloggers. Plus you have an uncanny way of nailing exactly what I am thinking and feeling at the time.

    I would much rather read something that is straight from the heart, even if it’s not the so-called polished writing; besides.. who decides that? Something that is perfect but has no soul is nothing fun to read. Your posts are fun to read, as well as educational and enlightening.

    Please don’t stop.

  5. I think you were completely insane when you said you would be blogging everyday.

    Considering how crappy this year has been and how daily lives just get in the way of things I’m in awe of how well you’ve done.

    I hope you keep going, not necessarily daily if it’s just too much but please stop being so hard on yourself, you inspire more people than you realise.

  6. After reading this, the quote by William Nicholson came to mind “We read to know we are not alone”
    Since discovering you and Molly last year, I know I am not!

    Whatever you decide, thankyou!

  7. Silver Eagle Avatar
    Silver Eagle

    I certainly hope you can continue. Maybe after your year is up you can cut back to a weekly blog.
    I have been tasked with writing a journal every day and so much it seems to be a mundane recitation of what I did, where I went, etc, but occasionally a glimmer of true feeling comes through. Or by “writing” it out I come to solution or conclusion I might have missed.

    You have inspired me to write and to be a better sub by reading about the Dom side of the equation.

    Whatever your decision, Thanks.

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