duvet folded into a cock for objectification

Your Honor, I Object!

As soon as you express a preference for a particular body type, you’ve done it. Gentlemen who prefer Blondes, they’ve done it too. BBW, BBC, fit, large cock, big boobs or any other acronym or descriptor that shows what you like about peoples bodies, well then you have done it too.

Do you object to objectification? We always say YKINMYBYKIOK but once we get to this topic we get really worried about offending people. That isn’t very surprising, we are all sensitive about our bodies and how they measure up, or how they don’t.

I am no exception. When I see people drool over men who are what I am not, well it doesn’t make me feel very good about myself. You are a size queen, well I am not your guy. You need them tall dark and handsome, three strikes for me. You want six pack abs, well how about a keg?

Even though there is a fetish for my body type the “dadbod” (well in my case the “granddadbod”) it is certainly more of a niche fetish than say, a Robert Downey Jr. fetish. Where we have to be careful is where we forget that what we are fetishizing is a part of a whole person. Most fetishes don’t have that risk. A candle’s feelings aren’t going to be hurt if you want a bigger candle. My feelings might be hurt if you were expecting a larger dick.

Some of these kinks have to be very carefully navigated well before you launch into them. I know that calling Molly a slut would work for her, we have discussed it extensively, calling Molly fat would not be a winning move because I know how that would make her feel.

Are personal preferences always objectification? I think not, they are designators of what you might like to find in a person, not the sum of the person. Is objectification always bad? I still think not, but it is something you must work out with the other(s) you are going to play with.

I could write much more on the topic, but I am overdue in giving my little slut her second beating of the day so you will have to excuse me.


One thought on “Your Honor, I Object!

  1. First off, jealous about the beating. I’d give a lot for one from you. As for preferences, there’s nothing wrong with being attracted to a certain things. I’m knee jerk physical preference is a very fit, extremely muscular guy. That’s not what I tend to date or play with. In the act of play or sex, it’s the personality and the ability that move me.

    Bottom line: I’d let you spank me. Definitely be happy

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