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  • New Rules

    New Rules



    As regular readers and twitter followers might know. I am male. Most days I am  pretty happy about that. But not every day. There are days when I find it hard to know what a man is supposed to be. I know I am a product of my times and I also know that in…

  • Dressing Down

    Dressing Down



    I am not one for wearing suits. There isn’t anything about them that works for me. I don’t feel powerful when I put one on, I don’t feel smart (sharp, for the murricans) when I wear a suit, in fact I really hate that expression. It somehow insinuates that people who wear suits are smarter…

  • 13 lessons

    13 lessons

    13 lessons I have learned Never salute him, even if you think it is behind his back, the magic of mirrors can betray you. Never EVER spank his butt as he goes up the stairs in front of you. Never say ‘Come on then, if you think your tough enough’. Only ever reply with ‘Make…