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A Kiss is not a Contract

“A kiss is not a contract” is a line stolen from a very silly song by Flight Of The Conchords. Not a sentiment I share.

I don’t kiss a lot of people, In fact in the last 33 years I have kissed three people. I don’t mean a peck on the cheek kiss, I mean a real kiss and I love kissing.

For me it is really not about the kiss itself, but WHO you are kissing that matters and it is why my kiss numbers are so small. I need to care, and not just a little, I need to care to show the passion in my kiss, to engage beyond a physical level. I need to be able to put my heart in it.

So when I kiss her and I do kiss her a lot, It isn’t about the dance of lips and breath and tongues. It is how I show her the depths of how I feel and each kiss delivers a message.

I want you

I own you

I need you

I love you

So to me, yes, a kiss is a contract, it represents all the things we mean to each other and how I can show my dominance with nothing but my hands and my lips no matter where we are or who we are with.

I plan to keep on kissing her and hopefully each time she will know, just a little bit more, what that means to me.



8 responses to “A Kiss is not a Contract”

  1. Curvaceous Dee Avatar
    Curvaceous Dee

    Simply beautiful words. And isn’t kissing utterly delicious, marvellous, and intimate?

    xx Dee

  2. “I plan to keep on kissing her and hopefully each time she will know, just a little bit more, what that means to me.”

    I am a very lucky woman


    1. I think you are too 😉

  3. I wish I had your way with words. Kisses are so deep and meaningful, I only share them with someone I feel a deep connection too.

    1. I just wish I could get the words in my head to appear on the page, what I write is always but a pale reflection of what I feel. Connection is what matters to me most of all 🙂

  4. This is so beautiful. To me, the kissee makes all the difference in the contractualness of kisses 🙂 but it’s beautiful how your reserve yours for only your dearest.

    1. Thank you, I know not everyone shares my opinion on kissing, but to me who I am kissing matters very very much 😀

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