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Today I decided to write some erotic (I hope) fiction that features consensual non-consent. This is a rather dark piece of writing so if you think that’s not your thing,  you might want to go and look at something more romantic.


I choose my moment carefully and grab you just as you pass the alley. I put my hand over your mouth  so you can’t make a sound as I drag you deeper into the darkness. Once we are away from the prying eyes and ears of the world I put the sharp metal blade to your throat.

“If I take my hand away are you going to scream?”

You shake your head slowly from side to side as I ease the pressure of the knife from your beautiful neck. In spite of your care the keen edge nicks you ever so slightly and red beads of fluid well up and slowly pool before running down towards your chest.

“Behave and this will be over soon and you can go on your way relatively unharmed.”

With those words I take the knife, place it blunt side against your skin and slowly move it down. As the blade encounters each button of your blouse the razor sharp edge cuts it free and you jump ever so slightly as each one pings away.

“Keep still” I say as the blade dips in to snip the delicate lace that hold your bra in place.

You gasp as your breasts are freed and I can see your nipples harden in the night air. I step back for just a moment to gaze at my prize, a hunter taking stock of his captured prey. I drink in the sight of you illuminated by moonlight in this dirty alley, your chest heaving, your eyes wide with fear. I can almost smell the iron tang scent of your blood mixed with the adrenaline that is coursing through your veins. You grab the cut edges of your top and try to cover yourself up.

“Stop” I growl and your hands fall back to your side, but I can see them twitch with the aborted desire to cover yourself.

I step back in and slide the back of my hand down the front of your skirt and panties and pull them slightly away from your body as the knife resumes its relentless path. The stiffer fabric it encounters slows the the cutting slightly and you shiver as you feel the cold thin sliver of metal draw near your cunt. You can hear my breathing grow coarse and harsh and though you are afraid you can’t help but look down as the light glints on the knife and even through the thick cloth of my jeans you can see that my cock is hard.

As the tip comes ever closer to your clit I pull the knife out and away from you and putting the blade between my teeth I grab the cut halves of your skirt and panties and with one vicious yank tear them the rest of the way down, dropping them to the ground. You are panicked now and try to run but my hand shoots out and grabs you by the neck pinning you against the dirty brick wall.

“I told you to be still cunt! There is no escape for you except to give me what I want and now you have risked even that”

I move my body close, bringing my face to your ear, I put my lips to your neck so that I can feel your pulse racing, you struggle to stay still for fear of what might happen if you don’t. I taste the tiny drops of blood on your neck and make a noise that sounds like it shouldn’t come from a humans body. My right hand reaches down and forces its way between your legs.

“My. my” I chuckle, “You are a filthy thing aren’t you. You want to be be taken by the Big Bad Wolf.”

You pussy is soaked and clutches at my fingers like it is trying to pull them from my hand. I push them in and out of you roughly, more like I am punching your cunt than fingering it.

In spite of yourself, in spite of the fear, or maybe because of it, you arch you back an moan like a cat in heat with each forceful thrust. It only takes a few more before you cum all over my hand crying out in a voice that combines pleasure and disgust in equal measure. Before you finish cumming I spin you towards the wall, undo my jeans and thrust my cock into your tight little ass. You scream with the shock of this intrusion and I use my fingers, still dripping with your come, to silence you. I am aching with need now that I have you, your ass is hot and tight and I can smell your cunt, your come, your sweat, your fear as I take you, use you… rape you.

It comes as a surprise to me when I feel your tongue start to lick the evidence of your orgasm from my fingers. You lick and suck on them in time with each thrust of me. Once they are clean I feel, rather than hear you speak and so I move my hand away.

“Go on then” you whisper “Go on you bastard” “Fuck me, fuck my ass until you come”

So I do, I push one more time as deep as I can go and I come. I come so hard that I can feel it right down to the tips of my toes, so hard that I barely notice that I am crushing you to the wall as the come boils out of me into you. All the while you are you are whispering,

“Yes, yes, yes”

I pull my cock from you and step back, released, you slide down the wall to a crumpled heap on the ground. I zip myself back up, light a cigarette and walk away with out a word, leaving you there like a piece of used meat.

Sitting in my car I have the radio tuned to a Classic Rock station, tapping the wheel in time to the song playing I glance up as you get in to the passenger seat next to me. I lean over and give you a kiss

“Find the bag of clothes alright my love?”

“I did Sir, right where you said they would be”

“Excellent my love, I was think of stopping for some Chinese takeaway on the way home if that works for you?”

“Oh yes Sir, I think that would be lovely” you reply as you buckle your seat belt and rest your head on my shoulder for the ride home.



P.S. If you takeaway nothing else from this, please do remember that this is a fantasy (not that we might not try it out for real) and something that we have discussed and played with.


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  2. It’s a very hot fantasy

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it, I enjoyed writing and sharing it!

  3. This literally made me alternately hot and bone-chillingly cold from the top of my scalp to the soles of my feet! What an awesome rape fantasy – and one I’m sure you two will (at some point) actually engage in. Perfect!

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