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More to the Point


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I have a point to make.

I was taking part in an online twitter sex chat (no, not that kind of sex chat you pervs) when I was asked what was on my Sexual Bucket List for 2016. Now I am not a list kind of guy, a fact that drives Molly mad, I tend to keep all of the stuff I need to do or that requires processing swirling around in the weird and wonderful place that is my brain. But I did want to answer this question and so, quick like a bunny, I said three things.

Use the medical stapler that Molly got me for Xmas

Use the needle play kit that I got Molly for Xmas (you can see why we work so well together, can’t you?)

And I’ll leave the third thing until the end.

First a little back story for context. One of the first gifts that Molly ever bought me was at Erotica, now that show was never really all that great for us, we don’t buy porn DVDs and we certainly don’t buy any of the regular crappy vibrators that you would usually find at these types of shows, but we did find, buried under a stack of what Molly would call “Tut”, was a pair of XL size, Kink Lab, Vampire gloves. Now I am a big handed man so I wasn’t sure they would fit, but I slid them on anyway and guess what? They fit like, well, a glove. They were very pricey and so we said we would think about it and went on to wander around the rest of the show floor. A short while later Molly said she needed a wee (a running joke for us) and so headed off to the ladies while I was left to look for hitty things (I did find a reasonable crop) and a short while later she returned and we headed of home to be badly behaved. A bit later I was gifted with the Vampire gloves… seems the wee story was a wee bit of misdirection.

Now at first the Vampire gloves were used for sensation play, lightly dragging the very sharp points along sensitive areas of her body, doing that never failed to make her squirm. But one night while out playing at a club I decided to lightly spank her bottom with one of the gloves. At first she started and asked what I was doing, she always likes to know and mostly I indulge her, but this night I told her to keep facing forward as she lay on the bench. I stopped when the first small droplets of blood appeared. I took her hand and had her touch her bottom, to feel the wetness and then guided her hand to in front of her face. Her eyes widened and she got that far away expression that I know so well from her sliding into subspace. I just had never seen it happen so quickly to her before. “You made me bleed” she said softly and wonderingly. “I love it”. We had discovered a new kink.

We have done this many time since that first night and she always adores that moment when I put the gloves on, and having seen the needle play and stapler work both out at events and on our friends blog I think we both found ourselves of a like mind when we were buying our kinky Xmas gifts for each other. Our next chance to play out is coming up this Sunday at a CMNF event (I am sure there will be a post on those events soon) and I think that at least one of these gifts will make its debut. I am confident that there will be much joy taken in the giving and receiving of this new adventure, and we will have as the Brits say..

A bloody good time.

Oh and I will mention that the third thing I said was

“Something that challenges my boundaries”


3 responses to “More to the Point”

  1. Well this resonated with me for completely different reasons than your last post.

    As you may know we’ve already played with staples and needles but the vampire gloves have only been used for sensation play…until last weekend that is. When he made me aware of the blood droplets I had the biggest grin ever on my face!

    I can’t wait to hear about your new spikey adventures 😀

  2. It was because Molly blogged about the vampire gloves that I wanted to try it too and damn, I just love it when Master T makes me bleed. Sometimes I crave it! The vampire gloves are great 🙂

    Rebel xox

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