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We have a rather extensive collection of BDSM implements, many of which we have purchase at various Fetish Fairs around the UK, some that we have purchased online including a few custom ordered items. But one of my favorite things is to find items that aren’t really meant to used as play items and make them pervertables.

I think my first find was at a “Car Boot Sale” which is what England has instead of a flea market, you pay for a spot and drive your car onto a field and get the stuff you have for sale out of your boot (trunk for the murricans in the crowd). We went one fine English day so that I could see what it looked like and wandered around looking at what might catch our eye. Molly got distracted by something, probably slutty clothes, so I wandered a bit on my own and while rummaging through the items laid out on a table I founds something to make me smile, nothing much really just a breadboard. Not a large square breadboard, but a long narrow board with a handle, made for slicing baguettes. So I picked it up and without thinking swung it back and forth a few times, when I looked up the person selling the items was looking at me oddly “gotta check the heft” I said and they just continued to look at me like I was a madman (a common occurrence for me) I asked the price and was thrilled to find it was only 50p and so I gladly paid for my purchase and went off to find Molly so that we could hurry home to try my new purchase.

We have repeated this process of finding ordinary items that I think might be fun many, many times. I have bought a a Olive wood breadboard in Tunisia, a handle-less rolling pin, a souvenir Coca Cola baseball bat, a off cut length of black chain a large wooden spoon with the number 32 on it stolen from a pub, and even had a friend (Hi Em!) send us a miniature cricket bat.  None of things were expensive, all of them I can leave lying around the house and none of them get used the way that the makers intended.

I guess that makes me the ultimate pervertable



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  1. […] loved this piece on pervertables I came across on Twitter last night. Tied in very nicely to the suggestions from those filthy minds […]

  2. […] It is one of my all time favorite things to use common household item in our D/s play. Pervertables really appeal to me on many levels. This came up today because I decided that I wasn’t busy enough with all the many things I was already doing (OK, maybe it was that I was feeling a mite Domish) and while Molly was upstairs for a moment I went and got out one of the most common pervertables. […]

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