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Peg of My Heart


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It is one of my all time favorite things to use common household item in our D/s play. Pervertables really appeal to me on many levels. This came up today because I decided that I wasn’t busy enough with all the many things I was already doing (OK, maybe it was that I was feeling a mite Domish) and while Molly was upstairs for a moment I went and got out one of the most common pervertables.

Clothes Pegs (Clothes Pins for the murricans)

I love these damn things. I even keep them in the car so I can get them out for some “On the go BDSM” They really work for the both of us. For me, because I get to watch her squirm as the pinch of the pegs grows more and more intense with each passing moment and because I get to see her endure. Endure for the part that she likes best. The part that she likes so much that she will put up with the worst part of the whole peg experience. The marks.  When you take them off she always howls as the blood rushes back into the tender pinched flesh.

Sometimes I take one off and let her experience that, and sometimes I remove them all very quickly. Today was a quickly day. She safeworded and I removed them all fast. She made those noises that result in the same thing every time. a Dom with a hardon.

I moved her to the sofa and unleashed Bob Jr. and  pushed her head onto my cock and pressed on the peg marks while using her mouth(the moans of pain feel quite delightful) Her reward was me fingering her while she contemplated what a dirty little slut she was.

Well, that wasn’t her only reward. I think the part she really likes best is pressing on the peg marks afterward (while she thinks I am not looking) . I’d call that a win-win.

Tell me how you feel about pegs in the comments, I would love to know your thooughts.



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  1. Those peg marks are pretty damn impressive!

    Rebel xox

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