Molly's Ass and a flogger for Trust Me

Trust Me

Trust is very important in so may aspects of life and doubly so when it comes to D/s.

After all I am in a position to cause a great deal of harm to Molly. You might note that I use the word harm. I use that word because for us there is a huge of difference between hurt and harm. She enjoys being hurt, she does not enjoy being harmed.

Since I am in the position of power in our relationship it is my duty and indeed honor to be responsible for making sure that we are both mentally and physically in a place to partake in BDSM play (I am not a fan of play in this context, but that is another post) and the most important part of that is that the trust between us is good. For her to submit, and for me to deliver the kinds of play we do means that we must trust each other implicitly. She needs to trust that I will know her limits, when I can push those limits, and when I need to pull back. I need to trust that she will let me know her state of mind and body so that I know when to adjust what we are doing.
You might have read that we have incorporated medical stapler play recently and if you read Molly’s post on it you can see that trust in action. When you push boundaries and limits it us vital that you do it with someone you have absolute faith in. I have that with her and she with me.

My final thought is that more than anything you need to trust that when things go wrong, and they will, that you can know that there will be discussion and forgiveness so that you learn and grow from the lessons that mistakes can teach you.

Because as we learned from G.I. Joe… knowing is half the battle

2 thoughts on “Trust Me

  1. I love how you used the GI quote at the end, I use that line all the time. Really like how I’m reading about your take on things so regularly now, makes me want to push my own husband to do this. It adds a depth of understanding.

    1. Oddly my daughter watched the show religiously when growing up so I was exposed to it. We regularly use it in conversation (much to the confusion of others) I am glad that something of how we try to live our lives is helpful to others.

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