Horse kissing my face for Communication
Molly as a schoolgirl for perfect submimssive
A picture of me looking dumb
Photo of playing card for The Art of the Deal, negotiation
Shampoo image for You DId it My Way
Friend neon sign for fight

Fight Night

Hello, and welcome to the World Dom/sub Federation Fight Night! We have an action packed card tonight with the Main Event contenders Molly and Michael (Audience boos and cheers) So […]

Phone image for question time. Hi people using screen readers!
Fantasy under the Pier image

Dear Mr. Fantasy

Another day, another post and this time I will waffle on (an expression I have learned from Molly) about Fantasy. Recently I’ve been having an exchange with @euclideanpoint on the […]

Molly doing her Job, shoveling
Molly's Ass and a flogger for Trust Me