ROpe and Chair for Subverted Expectations

Great Subverted Expectations



If you asked me what my biggest kink is, there is really only one answer.

One thing that gets me going more than anything else and even better I can use it in everyday situations.

It would be…

…that I love…






Well, no, not really, it is how much I get off on subverted expectations (see what I did there? I just gave myself a little Dom boner)

This kink (I think) is fairly common, if unacknowledged, among many Doms (If I am wrong now would be a good time to comment) and so with that kink firmly in mind I set a plan for this kids free weekend. Here are the Skype messages I sent:

 me: tonight at bed time you have a challenge
me: you will have 10 minutes to make me come
me: if you do… you get an orgasm
me: if you don’t I will make you almost come and we will play the game each night until you take less then 10 minutes to make me come
me: once you do that I will make you come… but not until you have accomplished your challenge

Now life, as it often does, gets in the way, by the time we went to bed it was 2:00AM and Molly asked for a deferment, I, being the magnanimous Dom that I am allowed her to put it off until Friday. Now our schedule Friday was hectic, we had made arrangements to meet @BibulousOne for coffee and we had a friend coming over for dinner. That left a small window between 4 and 5 for her task.

So 4PM rolled around to find us in our bedroom, Molly with a bottle of lube in one hand and Bob Jr. firmly gripped in the other while I was setting a 10 minute countdown timer on my phone (No one does sexy quite like we do :P)

Now Molly gives a damn good hand job (and I like a damn good handjob) and while I had been teasing her about whether she could accomplish this task I really had little doubt. She did have to do a bit of pregame hand warming since she does somehow manage to be able to chill her extremities to near the point of absolute zero. Once I didn’t need to worry about my love rocket suffering an o ring failure from the cold hands of doom I started the clock and she applied a generous amount of lube and slowly stroking me, told a wonderful little story about teaching another woman how to do this for me.

8 minutes and 3 seconds later she is rubbing a handful of come on her lovely breasts.

Yay for Molly… and well, for me too. But dinner needs to be made and a cake needs to be baked and before you know it we have spent a lovely evening chatting with a friend, so sadly Molly’s orgasm prize has to wait until today.

And of course being us we have someone coming over in the late morning for a damn good beating (how we manage this hectic social calendar and get anything done I will never know) after serving tea I deliver the requested kinky play and it is followed by more tea and a lovely bit of cake, this is England after all, and with a final hug she departs. Finally I can turn my attention to Molly.

I lead Molly to our leather arm chair and strip off her weekend leopard onsie and using a length of rope I tied her legs over the arms of the chair and her wrists together. Tying her hands is a big deal when she is expecting an orgasm as she almost always requires clitoral stimulation to come, but I had my own plans (remember the title?) I wanted to lick her until until she came, just my tongue, nothing else, no fingers inside her or my tongue inside her cunt while she rubbed her clit. I have made her orgasm from oral sex before but it had always been with the addition of fingers and I was determined to achieve my goal.

I am not going to go into all the details of just how I used my mouth on her, but I will tell you that I was very pleased to hear her very surprised voice exclaim “I’m going to come on your tongue!”

I did not rest on my laurels so I picked up the Doxy and wrapped a bit of cotton t shirt around the head and held it against her clit while she begged me to stop because it was too intense.

“No my love, you are going to have as many orgasms as I decide is your prize”

She whimpers and winces as her second orgasm sweeps over her, forced orgasms are always a blend of pleasure/pain for her. I pick up our Godmiche Adam and slide that inside her all the while pressing the Doxy against the base and her eye roll back in her head as she comes for the third time.

She is almost incoherent now as I start to fuck her with the dildo while circling the vibrator around her clit and orgasms four and five follow each other very quickly. Pulling the dildo from her I push two fingers inside and curl them so I am rubbing her G-spot.

“Oh no Sir, please stop, I am going to pee”

“No your not my love, stop fighting it and come for me”

And with that she did, squirting all over the t shirt, the Doxy, and my hand. Her eyes so wide in that mix of pleasure and shame that I can always see on her face when I make that happen. I love that look and I love the subverted expectations that I used to get there. I go to do a lot of that today.

That turns me on to know that she has a vision of what is going to happen and that I can still “wrong foot her” as she says and turn it into something completely different.

It is good to be the Dom.







4 responses to “Great Subverted Expectations”

  1. I love the care and the intention linked to flexibility and small domestic insights here. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your world x

  2. Lucky Molly!

    I had a question that maybe you two would be interested in writing a response to…

    Every couple has rows or disagreements from time to time. How do you two approach or manage this as a D/s couple?

    Do you each have things that irritate or bother the other? Quirks/habits etc?

    Love this blog btw…

  3. Ruby Goodnight Avatar
    Ruby Goodnight


  4. […] play or even just from submitting. I saw it again when we had some time on out last kids free weekend. This song started running through my head today as I remember what we had done, how much I enjoyed […]

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