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You Don’t Bring Me Flowers

We, as you may have noticed, are not a traditional couple. Molly is, hmmm, how do I say this… tight. She will pinch a penny until it screams, and if you want someone to negotiate a bargain, she is your gal! I don’t even bother trying anymore, I just point her at the salesperson and say “Sic em”

So she is not interested in “wasting money on a poncy dinner that isn’t as good as what you make at home” As a result we will splurge on Chinese takeout at home tonight.

I am a bit different as you may well know. I love buying her gifts and flowers… but not when it is expected. I figure that if you do those things when you are in trouble or when it is expected of you it becomes rote and meaningless and so Molly will often get flowers… because it’s Tuesday!

That is when it means something, when you do it because you were thinking of her and it inspired you to do something to show how you feel. I have shared this advice with the children because I think it is important to escape the trap that these manufactured holidays try to catch you in. The trap built of things and the amount of money spent to gauge just how much you love someone.  Who among us wouldn’t shower the person they love with anything they desire if we had money to do so? We all would, but it is (for me anyway) not the big effusive displays that show how much she cares, but the little things she does that let me know that she is thinking of me, like when she buys me a bottle of whole milk. I LOVE whole milk.

So tonight we will sit warm and cozy in our front room, we will work on all the many things we need to get done this month and then a bit later tonight I will give her roses.

Not flowers, but bright red roses of color on her very fine bottom. Because that is what both of us want, not just today, but every single day of our lives.

P.S. Molly posted something very sweet on her 365 project for me today.

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  1. I love this. If you can’t mean it the other 364 days of the year, that one day doesn’t matter. We splurged by going to the Japanese buffet. So worth it!

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