Molly naked on the floor for Cold Front

A Cold Front



I have so many potential post ideas constantly running through my mind, but today I am having trouble focusing on them.

Sadly I have had a bit of a cold this week and haven’t been terribly sexually active, although I did wake up hard and decided it would be a shame to waste it and so after a very few strokes I knelt over Molly’s sleeping face (the goal was to push my cock between her lips as I was just about to come) and give her a present, but alas my vigorous hand movements startled her awake and after a moment of shock her good girl instincts took over and she opened her mouth.

Sadly while she had avoided catching my germs that might have been the moment where I damned her to suffer the same cold that I had. So now while I have mostly recovered she is the one a bit under the weather. Just in time for me to have ALL the evil thoughts.

I think it is the fault of all the sexy beta reading that I have been doing while recuperating because right now I am seriously growly. I want to do a great number of seriously filthy things to her. I want to degrade and humiliate and use her for my pleasure over and over until I make her come while tears roll down her face and for a finale put her in the bath tub and jerk my cock off over her body. Then last but not least, tell her to make herself come while I piss the mess away.*

Hell, I just made myself hard with own writing… how perverted am I?

But the combination of illness, half term, and tween sleepovers mean that all of this will have to wait for a more fortuitous time. Until then I will attempt to suppress the beast that is currently plaguing my thought and content myself that when she proof reads this that she will be as turned on as I am right now.


*All of this is still playing on my mind in much greater detail than I have written here, but if I keep going I wont be able to decently stand up while I server dinner.

Proof readers note

I am not that sick. Mollyxxx

Authors note

We still have tweens in the house  😛

Proof readers additional note

On Monday school resumes…


3 responses to “A Cold Front”

  1. Oh I just love reading this blog! 😀

  2. You two! Get a room! OH, wait…. Happy return to school Monday 🙂

  3. You made me smile 🙂

    Rebel xox

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