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The Mathematics of Love

Love is indeed not like a pie.

You have an unlimited supply of love to give to your sub/Dom/partner/wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/family/metamour/significant other. You can love whoever and whatever you choose and go back to the bottomless well of love for more.

You never run out of pie.

You do, however, run out of time. Time, it seems, is like a pie.

We all live our lives torn between the things we want to do and the things we have to do. They can overlap of course but mostly those are two categories of things that make up life. We have to make choices because there are only so many hours in the day and how we spend them matters a great deal. It takes time to show love.

I am going to say something that I rarely ever say.

Let’s do some math.

24 hours a day

8 hours for sleep

8 hours for work (even if you are the person who stays at home, housework counts)

1.75 hours for eating


6.5 hours

3 hours a day for children (If you are child free you spend these hours making meals, going out for meals walking the dog etc)

1 hour for the gym, running, social media, having a wank, thinking about having a wank, putting away/cleaning up after a wank.

New subtotal:

2.5 hours

Now this is not precise math, my day skews these hours a bit and maybe your life is wildly different. But I think I have hit the basics and frankly have left out many other things that chew up each day. I have also completely left out weekends because for all of us they are full of footloose and fancy free time completely unencumbered by work-a-day duties like clean laundry and house cleaning and that broken light you’ve been meaning to get to.

But for the purpose of this post let’s say we are left with 2.5 hours a day to spend how we wish. We multiply that by 7 and we get 17.5 hours. That is the time we have left to spend with the people we love.

Some of us are very lucky (I count myself among those lucky few) and spend our days with the person we love most in the world right beside us and can count many of the hours listed above as time we spend showing our love while we work and take care of kids and do all of the other things, but I suspect that is a rare thing.

So how you choose to spend the little free time you have to show love to the people you care about is important. And it seems to me that the number of people you have to divide your time among impacts everyone.

Look, I’m not telling you how to spend you time, and if you have the time to manage multiple relationships then bully for you, but I do firmly believe that time you spend with someone comes with a price and that price means someone else loses out.

I choose to spend all my pie on Molly


One thought on “The Mathematics of Love

  1. This rings very true with me, by the time we’re home from work, house jobs done, dinner eaten and blog reading, commenting and writing done, we get around an hour to spend together. Even at weekends, by the time relatives have been visited, fed or entertained and any decorating done we realise the little bit of us time has disappeared.

    I make no secret of wishing I had a female fuck buddy but I have no idea how I’m supposed to find the time for someone else when I don’t get the time I want with him and I’d feel terrible being with someone else and wishing I were at home.

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