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It’s all for the Breasts



Molly has a very lovely bruise on her bottom from our play last weekend. Seeing it this morning inspired lustful thoughts and so after our coffee and a bacon sarnie for her I decided that more was required. Recently we had to replace our oven and needed an actual flashlight (torch for you Brits) and she had grabbed the big Aluminium (Aluminum for the Murricans) Maglite. Of course this meant it stayed in sight for a while, so I snagged it on one of my trips into the back hallway and directed her to the sofa. She looked less than excited and made some noises about how it was going to be far too cold as I pulled her leggings down to use the Maglite as a baton on her bottom.

There is really only one problem with abusing Molly’s lovely bottom and that is lying face down presents a challenge. You see I like to have her masturbate while I bruise her. We had a long series of training sessions with the cat ‘o nine tails to teach her how to orgasm while I whipped her. The issue is that she has to reach under her torso to reach her clit and it doesn’t take long before that position becomes uncomfortable and while we sometimes enjoy orgasm denial, neither of us like ruined orgasms. The easiest position for her to achieve the glorious heights of bliss are when she is on her back, this sadly makes it difficult for me to reach her rather fine arse (ass for the Murricans) so you can see my dilemma.

Today while smacking her with the flashlight (see above) I had a notion. Maybe I haven’t paid enough attention to her breasts during impact play. This is an area that we haven’t done much play with, Molly likes her breasts very much and I know that while she has seen and enjoyed photos of whipped and tied breasts I know she is concerned with the damage being permanent. But I decided to plunge boldly into this unexplored country and see what might come of it.

So while she lay on the sofa in the mid-afternoon sun with her favorite fingernail rubbing against the hod of her clit I used the dressage whip on her lovely breasts and told her that I would stop when she came, and come she did, with her eyes looking and me silently begging for me to say “Come you dirty little bitch”

So I said those words, and left some rather wonderful stripes.

I might have finished it all up with telling her what a slutty cunt she was while taking my pleasure in her… but that was really just an after thought, as that is her purpose, to be used.




2 responses to “It’s all for the Breasts”

  1. I married a Brit soI know what a bacon sarnie is. The big question is did she ruin it with HP sauce?

    Oh and the story was hot too. 😉

  2. Curvaceous Dee Avatar
    Curvaceous Dee

    …. *melts* That was very hot to read 🙂

    xx Dee

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