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Yesterday I saw that some people had been taking the online BDSM test that has been floating around for a while. I had resisted taking this test for a long time because, well, I am not really a fan of the notion that a person can be quantified by answering some questions online. But I decided that I was taking it all too seriously and thought it might just be a little bit of fun so I gave it a go.

As far as these kind of things go it wasn’t awful, like those Buzzfeed quizzes that tell you how smart you are or what Disney Princess you are most like (I always get Mulan) and it did ask some interesting questions about kink and BDSM that I will ponder on for a bit.

Here is what my results were.

My results for the Test

So I guess I should be excited that I am 100% dominant but I was pretty sure I was dominant before taking the test. I have a bit of an issue with the “rigger” designation, I know I got it by answering the questions about bondage but in the BDSM world that role seems to be for the rope specialists (calling these people riggers is another area of contention for me) and while I like Molly restrained my tastes run more towards chain, bars and cuffs than rope. Brat Tamer  (and I am going to steal something from a favorite couple I know) seems to imply that I should have a whip and and a chain in hand, a vision that only makes me laugh. A Degrader? Yeah while I like telling Molly she is (my) a slut and a whore I don’t want to degrade her in the rest of her life so I am going to take a pass on this too. Master/Mistress well just all the no there, she is not a slave nor do I want her to be one and Primal (Hunter) I have to be honest I don’t even know what this means… I do want to chase her, catch her and fuck her, but Primal makes it sound like I won’t to filet her and have Molly steaks for dinner and that seems like a sure fire way to end up on a most wanted list. I am not going to bother listing the rest because while all of the things on the list have some truth to them they lack nuance and detail and depth. I am not (nor are you) a list of things. We are a bundle of complicated, difficult, changing tastes and preferences that no test can convey or explain.

So go and take the BDSM test and have a little fun and a giggle but if you think you will leave with something that will reveal a deeper view of yourself I think you might be disappointed.


P.S. Here are Molly’s results Mollys BDSM Test results

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  1. I have done a few of these over the years….. But this one was so way off the mark.

    It Did make me giggle though. another label that doesn’t fit I seem to have a growing collection of those 😀

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