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Call me maybe?

At the close of yesterdays post Check Please I invited Essexlad to respond to my concerns via a Skype call. This morning I got an email from him agreeing to take part. With his permission I recorded our call with the understanding that it would be posted here unedited. We had a very long call and sadly Audacity crashed at the 35:15 mark and so the end of the conversation was not recorded. Silly me not having a backup recording running.

I know that 35 minutes is a rather large investment of your time, but I will ask that you have a listen so you can make your own judgements. I will post my thoughts below along with some other information via screenshots.

You should hear Molly end with “content that is relevant, on topic and honest” If you don’t, let me know in the comments and I will add a download link.

We went on to discuss ways that Oli could perhaps reconsider his content, not to delete it, but perhaps to edit and update it, he said that he would think and work on these things.

So what else can I ask? I hope that perhaps he will take away something useful from our conversation and apply it to his blog and in the end maybe help someone that reads his blog. I know that many will think I was too soft and that I should have been more confrontational, or not let him off the hook with some of his answers. I really did think a lot about what I hoped to get out of the call and what I wanted was to reach and convince him that perhaps the choices he made weren’t the best and it seemed to me that if I approached this in a reasonable and non aggressive sort of way, the way I would like someone to approach me if they wanted to teach me something, that would work better. I hope I did that.

He made all the right noises and perhaps you will have listened to what he said and think that he isn’t sincere and this was damage control and that nothing will change, and maybe you are right. I am going to hope, and keep an eye on things and poke if it is needed, but then I am (mostly) an optimist.

I will indeed be watching and I hope you do too.

Trust, but verify.


The only screenshot that I will include for now is the analysis of his about me and the the makeup site about me for similarity of language.

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