misery stick

Just a little bit of Misery


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It is just a 13 inch piece of carbon fiber with  bit of fabric and some rubber caps to hold the cloth in place. It doesn’t look vicious, it doesn’t look dangerous. But it can bite and bite hard.

I love it.

I can carry it with me anywhere and no one even notices. I can use it in most public places because it can bite right through clothes and be put away before anyone catches on that something might be amiss.

Oh and it leaves such wonderful marks and they last a very long time. You might think I am a little bit fond of this little tool and you would be absolutely correct!

misery stick marks

Molly has a different point of view about the Misery Stick mostly like everything else that causes her pain she is not a fan in that moment. Afterwards, well I have watched her trace the lines and marks that the Misery Stick leaves on her for hours and days afterwards and if I have drawn blood with it she treasures that even more. I was given my first one at the inaugural Eroticon (you are going this year right?) at the flogging demo. A friend of ours was giving the demo and showing the Misery Stick afterwards and he kindly allowed me to try it out on Molly. Thus began the long love/hate relationship Molly has with this item.

This is something that I always like to have close to hand, there are few things in our kit that give the same amount of result with just a little flick. It makes her sing and dance in a way that is completely unique and that makes my evil side grin like you can’t believe.



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