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I am not in the best mood today. One of the reasons is mundane life crap and there is nothing to be done about that. It isn’t going to change and like all the other things you can’t change you just have to accept it. You don’t have to like it though.

Sadly that has impacted my writing. I write these posts everyday when the inspiration strikes. Something I have seen or heard or that we have talked about creates a spark and off we go. I sit down and type out the nonsense you get to read here. Only occasionally does that mean that I am looking at the clock thinking that there is no way I am going to get the writing done in time.¬† Today I haven’t managed to find that idea at all (poor planning on my part, Molly has always said I should have a few reserve posts) and so as a pathetic substitute¬† have decided to write about my mood and how it is keeping me from writing (all while writing) about D/s

It doesn’t happen often but some days everything rubs me the wrong way. Today is one of those days. Nothing is quite right. The house is too warm, the cats and the kids are too annoying, I hate vaping , twitter is pissing me off. Everything sucks. It is also not a great idea to try and jolly me out of this mood, because that is not going to help. I am grumpy damn it, and that is how I am going to be.

So Molly is unhappy because I can’t articulate just what it is that is making me grumpy and I am grumpy because… well I am just going to be grumpy and we will all hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

I am sure it will be


4 thoughts on “Grumpy

  1. So, I’m not sure if you’re taking post suggestions, but if you are, one of the things I’d be really interested for you to write about is how all kink seems increasingly to be labelled as BDSM, whether it is or not. That silly BDSM quiz for example, asks loads of questions about whether you’re a voyeur or exhibitionist, monogamous or not – all things which aren’t BDSM, right?

  2. I’m actually pleased that you wrote this… it makes you look more human and not that super God Dominant that I picture. And it gave me permission for my own grumpiness.

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