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A Simple Gift

Molly doesn’t like her Birthday, she never has. No matter how hard I try I rarely seem to break through the apparent disappointment of all of her Birthdays prior to meeting me. I think that it never quite lives up to the special day that I know she deserves.

This year I have managed to arrange for us to go see a band (sadly they will not be in the UK until September) that was one of our favorite dates when we were LDR. It was a very magical evening in the August heat of Philadelphia and if I can recreate even a fraction of the feeling of what a wonderful night that was I will know that I have done a good thing.

I know we will have a wonderful time and create new memories, but I do wish I could get her over her dislike of Birthdays. I wish that I could whisk her away to a topical island (with invisible staff and excellent wifi) for a warm sun drenched holiday filled with photo opportunities but sadly I have have neither the funds nor someone to watch over the cats and the kids (and make the teen study for his GCSEs) to manage that. So I will do what I can to make her know how important she is to me and try and convince her that life here in a little suburban, boring, English town isn’t all that bad. So long as we have each other and the fun we make right here to get us through.

So tonight we will have a Chinese takeaway and force the kids to watch Turner and Hooch and we will snuggle on the sofa while all this happens. Later there will be coffee and some Oreo filled Brownie muffins. Simple, but an evening filled with love.

It is her Birthday, but she is my present everyday.


P.S. I did get Neil Gaiman to tweet Happy Birthday to her, so I may have gotten some extra brownie points.

neil gaiman tweet for Molly's Birthday

4 thoughts on “A Simple Gift

  1. Happy Birthday Molly.

    I do kinda get the “I can’t be bothered with birthdays” thing. M always likes to try and make it a special day too and I always appreciate the effort.

    We are a strange species us women at times ?

    Velvet X

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