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When a Dom Type Types



So once again I was thinking (a bad habit I know) about writing this blog, not just this post, but this whole blog. Now while I am the person that writes most of the posts I still consider this a joint venture. I know many bloggers and the vast majority of them are written by women and that is a wonderful thing. While I am aware that there are male sex bloggers out there, I wondered if there were many other male Dom sex bloggers, and so as is my wont, I asked Twitter to assist me. Below is the list

Silverdrop’s Toybox Also a joint blog.

The Gleeful Blade

Cjdc74…..Ramblings of a crazy beardy man


A Kilted Wookie Writes…

This is Razz

Just Indecerous

Sir Jaerls

The Misadventures of Bear and Cub A Joint Blog


Filth & Erotica

The Taming of L

A Kind Dom

Florida Dom’s Corner

Jerusalem Mortimer: Between the Lines

Tall, Dark and Dominant

Now I am sure this is by no means a complete list and if I have missed anyone please let me know in comments and I will update this post. We have noticed (and it has been written about elsewhere) that there are fewer male sex bloggers than female sex bloggers and that number only declines when we talk about Doms blogging.

Do the men really have so little to say (not my experience on Twitter or Fetlife) about their lifestyles? Do they perhaps feel that they need to maintain a dark an mysterious nature? Perhaps they feel that blogging right out in the open could cause them to be outed in the larger world.

I do know that I was reluctant to blog for a few reasons. It was much easier for me to dole out my small pool of knowledge on Twitter where a character limit forced me to be brief (something I think many are grateful for) because it is much easier to lose your way in a longer post as your write and drift ever further from your point. I worried that being so revealing about myself and my kinks  would cause people to think less of me (because even I need affirmation now and again) and my ideas. But I decided that I would forge boldly ahead and if I lost admirers then perhaps there wasn’t much for the to admire in the first place.

So what do you think? Would the world be a better place if you could read more from the Domly types in the world, or would it ruin everything and I should just STFU and leave well enough alone?



10 responses to “When a Dom Type Types”

  1. I love to hear about kink and the D/s lifestyle from D types, but as there are so few, I tend to go straight to source if I have any questions or things I am curious about, and need a Dominant’s view on, or help with.
    I’d love there to be more male sex bloggers out there, so no need to STFU! :p

  2. I love hearing from the male POV whether Its Dom specific or not. I think it’s important to share information. I’ve already learned so much from reading this blog as well as Molly’s other ventures and find it very helpful in place where I’ve felt rather lost. So please don’t stop!

  3. Rose Bliss Avatar
    Rose Bliss

    I love reading both sides of D/s relationship. It’s especially fun when you and Molly write about the same topic. Yes, I’d love to read more from Dom’s. I’d love to get my own Dom to do a blog, but I imagine I will need to do one first.

    Thank you for the list.. I will check these out.

  4. Here is another male blog –

    I love to hear the male perspective. It brings a wonderful richness to the whole subject of BDSM being able to read and engage in the male side of things.

    Keep up the fabulous work lovely Domly male 😉

    Velvet x

    1. Hi Velvet,
      He is indeed already in the list. His site name is Filth and Erotica. But thank you for the suggestion 🙂

  5. I began blogging as a way to get my thoughts out. What resulted was hodge podge of informative writings, deeply personal entries and erotica. I truly enjoy the feedback and look forward to continuing. Although, sometimes my posts are a bit infrequent.

    1. I look forward to reading your thoughts and thank you for commenting here.


  6. Glad to see my recommendations in there! And I’ve found new people to follow now too.
    I really love to hear the male Dominant perspective, I think there is so much to learn from reading it. I wish men would blog more frequently as their POV is something I am always interested in.
    Come on chaps! Get typing!

  7. I wish young FlirteeGirl has fallen upon more Doms who blog as she explored the world of bdsm. Maybe then it wouldn’t have seemed so scary. Maybe then I would have understood the great care that goes into developing and maintaining a D/s relationship.

    The more I read from Doms, the more I understand the perspective of what drives them and what they get out of the entire power play and the more I find comfort in continuing to explore what it means for me.

    So, yes. Keep writing. Keeping sharing your perspective. The more we share, the more others will start to understand what it’s all about.

  8. Hi, FlirteeGirl,
    I sometimes look up when crossing the street, in the hope of spotting and catching a falling submissive. No luck so far. But hope is good.
    Anyway, we doms do engage in a lot of reflection and a lot of planning. Both for a session and in a relationship. But that’s okay: planning leads to anticipation, and anticipation is hot.

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