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As the Spirit Moves You



I am not a spiritual man. I am in fact an Atheist, in spite of being raised Catholic (I have spent my life recovering) I was even asked by the Pastor of my church if I had considered the priesthood, I informed Father Bonowitz that I enjoyed the company of women too much to consider that.

I won’t bother to explain when or why I decided that the concept of god was absurd, suffice it to say that I have and let’s move on.

There is a growing movement for something known as sacred kink where the emotional states reached in a BDSM are equated to connecting with something more, something spiritual. I can see how some people make that connection. The intense sensations of play can put you in a head space where you might indeed think you have touched the divine. I certainly can’t claim that I know for sure that they aren’t right, but for me I think what we do is enough without dragging the supernatural into it.

For me the heady rush and rapture of BDSM play is enough on its own. It is indeed unlike anything else I have ever done. It has taken me to heights of ecstasy that I didn’t know existed all while bringing me closer to my sub.

But, I also would never dismiss the power that comes from transgression either. While I am no longer a believer there is power in the ritual that come with religious trappings. Something that makes corrupting those sacred things just that little bit kinkier and while I don’t own what Molly calls a dog collar (clerical collar for the murricans) I do have a black shirt that would lend itself very well to that and of course I do have my own personal sinner to apply penance too.

Hmm I think you will have to excuse me while I go and find something a little something to put in the confession box.



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  1. Moyamygirl Avatar

    This is unappealing – I am not religious but respect the sentiments of those who may be. To bring your sexual kink into a place where people worship their deity shows lack of respect for others and immaturity.
    Just as an afterthought would you have been so cavalier with your use of a religious site if it had been a mosque and the place of worship of our Muslim brothers.

    1. I’ve heard of people using all kinds of religious iconography as part of their kink – not just those from the Christian church. Personally, I think as long as you’re not harming anyone else, then religion is as open to kink as anything else. Unless I’m missing something, I don’t think the OP mentioned anything other than wearing religious clothes/symbols or incorporating them into private play. Sure, if he’d had a wank during Holy Communion in front of the whole parish, that’d be unacceptable. But crucifixes, cilices, religious role-play, and anything else one might choose to use on their own time – why should that be considered unacceptable?

      Let’s flip it round: it’s not up to me to dictate how religious people worship, as long as they aren’t harming people. So why should religions get involved in private kinks and practices which don’t harm people either? Why can they do whatever they like with a prayer-book in hand, but I can’t do the same if I’m holding a pair of cuffs?

      One of the things that does worry me about your comment is the hint of Islamophobia that creeps in when people say ‘oh you’d do that to Christians but not to Muslims’ – despite your use of ‘our Muslim brothers’ it’s rarely a statement used to indicate that Islam is more worthy of respect, and more often belies a fear of ‘other’ religions. Can you explain why you thought it was worth drawing on Islam as a specific example in this case?

      1. I wonder if Moyamygirl has actually read the post. It seems to me that her objections are directly in connection with the image and not the post itself.

        Personally I find the post itself quite informative. I also have a religious background and in no way find the content of the post offensive.

        As for the image, from an aesthetic viewpoint, it is a woman kneeling in the house of god with her bum on show, personally I don’t find that offensive in the slightest!

        Velvet x

    2. Until today I thought that GotN had responded so fabulously to your comment that anything I added would be superfluous.
      I will start by saying that yes, this picture would have happened regardless of the brand of faith represented by the building or iconography. While I am an atheist myself, I leave others to follow whatever faith they like.
      Now to your objection that I have shown some sort of disrespect. I profoundly disagree, I was raised christian and have studied not only christianity but many other faiths as well. All of the big three agree that “Man was created in gods image” Now since we are all icons of the creator then surely he can not be displeased by our nudity. We are only ashamed of being naked after our fall from grace, so surely the best way to try and regain that lost innocence is to strive to be as we were before the fall?
      As the bible (in one of its many translations) said
      “And no creature is hidden from his sight, but all are naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must give account.”

      As to the direction that Molly is facing (referenced in the comment on GotN) that was only due to lighting and situation, and to present another useless bit of information the Anabaptists often face away from the altar when they kneel.

      P.S. Enjoy this link to a nude church service
      P.P.S. Enjoy this article about a Vicar naked in his church

  2. Silence Avatar

    Personally I don’t feel that any area is completely ‘sacrosanct’ within two (or more) people’s private kink world.

    I have a very religious background, that I’m deconstructed from mostly. But I will say that if God exists, I’m pretty sure he/she/it is big enough to cope with people bringing religious stuff into their sex lives. If you personally find religious iconography in your sex life to be distasteful, then don’t do bring it into it. But don’t dictate how others should play out their sex lives either.

    As Girlonthenet says, having a wank during communion in full view of everyone there would be unacceptable. You’d be bringing a sexual act into the lives of others without their consent. But it’s that rather than the ‘sacredness’ of any particular place, thing, or thought that should be the issue with any personal kink.

    I suspect Velvet is correct and that it’s the image that Moyamygirl is objecting to rather than the words (though of course I could be wrong).

    There is always the risk of offending someone when using nudity in any public space, but some religious people somehow feel that doing anything sexual in a religious space somehow ‘defiles’ it. I think they are wrong, but plenty would disagree with me. For some, they were so badly affected in their sexual identities by religious organisations that doing something sexual in a religious location would actually be therapeutic for them. Again, others would say this was unacceptable.

    Once more, I’d say that if God exists, he/she/it is big enough to handle it.

    1. I have been fascinated to watch this conversation unfold, thank you for contributing.


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