Vampire Paddle image for Topsy Turvy

Topsy Turvy

Today we are doing things a little differently and I am getting started writing a bit later (I was answering interview questions) than usual.  The way things tend to go is highlighted in My Love, I Need a Picture. But today I asked her for a picture and the one attached to the post was her choice. She even suggested the topic.

“You could write about when I ask for it”

I do love when she asks for it. I know she likes to be made to submit, but it brings me a special spark of pleasure when she looks at me and shyly says.

“Will you use this on me please Sir”

Now this doesn’t always happen in person, sometimes twitter is her means of communication. Like last night she tweeted…

asking for Topsy Turvy

When she asks in public it is even better. Not only is she asking but she is telling the world that she knows what she needs and who is going to give it to her. That is really a turn on for me.

Now it wouldn’t be me if I simply gave her what she asked for. I did give her the requested mark.

Received for Topsy Turvy

But then today I decided that she was unbalanced with only one, so the other thigh was decorated.

One for her and one for me. I am sure that you know by now that I prefer my submissive to be strong and independent and Molly is all of those things in spades. But every now and again it is good for her to show me that she knows what she is and to say the words that make my heart beat faster and my cock grow stiffer.

“Please will you hurt me Sir”

Now you will all have to excuse me for a bit while I take my sub upstairs and use her as I need to.

Topsy turvy isn’t so bad sometimes.


P.S. The implement in the photo is our Vampire Paddle given to us by a very dear friend. It will appear again for the Toy Tour

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