Image of Molly hold the dusters

Not your mothers dusters

Another amazing work of craftsmanship by @SaintLeather (currently retired)  this matched set of dusters is rare and prized. Not just for the uniqueness of there construction.

The dusters are a continuous loop of leather with the falls being very short and along the full length of the loop. This makes for a very different sensation from most floggers combining a significant thud with a stingy after bite (depending on application) that I have never been able to replicate with any other type of flogger.


Total Length: 28″ 71cm

Handle Length: 20cm 7 1/2″

Loop Length: 20 1/2″ 52cm

Fall Length: 7cm 2 3/4″

These are a very versatile, while Molly is all about having her bottom flogged others prefer a more distributed experience and the dusters lend themselves to that in a fantastic way. The loop allows them to be much easier to control so that when you are flogging more delicate areas of the body you can be much more precise so as to not cause any unintentional injury.  They can also be used for sensation play, dragging them across exposed flesh gives a very interesting tickling sensation and of course there is always that smell of leather. Molly has been know to gather the dusters up in her arms and bury her face in them to experience that heady aroma and smile blissfully.

As with everything made by SaintLeather the quality is superb and the attention to detail is unmatched in any other flogger we have ever seen and the dusters are completely her invention. Sadly, unless you already own one of these amazing pieces I am afraid you merely have to bask in the envy that we have several since she no longer makes leather goods.

You could  always apply to have me use them on you, but the waiting list is very long and my fees have been on the rise.


Note by Molly: I am not sure he has explained just how much I LOVE these things. Not only do they deliver a powerful thud but they do it with it a tiny bite as well. The leather is also incredibly soft but don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security because with a firm hand behind them that softness is immediately forgotten and finally they rock it in the looks department. The handles are woven black and white leather with a square shape pattern that reminds me of those 1960’s black and white square patterned mini dresses. These floggers deliver in both looks and application and of all the floggers we own are most definitely my favourite.

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