It seemed like a good idea at the time

It seemed like a good idea at the time

Ever have a great idea? You know, that sudden jolt of inspiration that takes your breath away. Where you just know that this idea will change the world.

Then you share that idea with a friend in the breathless anticipation that it will inspire them just as much as it has inspired you.

And they point out the glaring and obvious flaws.

Well at least that is what you hope they do. Because that would be infinitely more useful than if they just stroke your ego and tell you that it is the most amazing idea they have ever heard. Sadly it seems at a certain level of that kind of useful honesty is missing. So we have decided to offer a new service here to help save you from those utterly preventable moments.

We Proudly Present


That’s right! Have a new product idea? A new marketing campaign? A product launch that can use the latest public tragedy as a signal boost?

We will do the thing that other consultants fail to do because if they tell you the truth they might not get paid. We will take your money, and talk to the leaders and active participants in the area you wish to work and… wait for it… this is really the brilliant part…

Ask them if this is a good idea. Now we know this seems obvious, but based on past performance we believe that it only seems obvious to those not involved in the actual marketing business.

And really, think about the value of saving your company and your self from huge public embarrassment how can that ever be assigned a monetary value (don’t worry, we know how much it is worth and that will be apparent on our invoice) for that kind of piece of mind.

Hurry and book us now before you hire Donald Trump as your spokesman for well… now that I think about it, for just about anything at all.



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