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The Building Society for a Better Tomorrow



Yesterday was a good day. In spite of the torrential rain that caused a flood in our back corridor we accomplished a lot. We were in London and there were folks from the Remain campaign asking if everyone had voted while we visited various parts of the city. In the end we all agreed that Camden was the best part of our journey. There was a happy optimistic buzz from everyone we encountered even if some of us were roasting in the humid summer weather. We finished our mission and headed back home very pleased and excited about our day.

Molly had voted in the morning before we left for the city and the polling place wasn’t terribly busy. We had never really considered that anyone who really understood what leaving meant would vote any differently. I mean sure, there are the UKIP lunatics and the older people who are lost in some pastel colored memory of a Britain that never was, but really there weren’t many Remain or Leave signs in our neighborhood. So while we knew the bigots, the closet racists and the willfully ignorant readers of The Sun and The Daily Mail would make it a close race, surely there were more of us than there were of them and surely the killing of Jo Cox would jar people awake.

So we went to bed happy and contented in our our carefully curated bubble of a smart and lovely world.

And woke to a horrible nightmare. The GBP dropping hugely, the Prime Minister resigning, Nigel Farage acting like a giant pompous assclown (To be fair that is a typical day for Nigel) and Scotland and Northern Ireland talking about leaving the UK.

We were fucking devastated. Sure the Remain campaign was a bit sucky because it was headed by David Cameron who is a complete douche nozzle and we all just wished he would go away because the whole EU referendum debacle was his ridiculous idea in the first place.

But he couldn’t hold a candle to the Leave campaign lies, distortions and fear mongering. They were Donald Trump’s less scrupulous proteges.  Here is one of their biggest lies.


This was the first thing that they said they wouldn’t be able to do after all.

I’m going to stop now and do my best to remember what the world was like yesterday and hold on to the good feeling and positive direction this project is going to take us.

Because we are building something. Not tearing something down.



9 responses to “The Building Society for a Better Tomorrow”

  1. martin Avatar

    Keep to porn

    1. NerdyDirtyGirl Avatar

      First….Fuck off. His blog, his content.

      Second….Let me guess, you voted to leave because you’re scared of the brown people? Or is the the millions that you were promised will go to the NHS? It didn’t even take Farage eight hours to backtrack that bullshit. Jesus H Christ, you are part of the problem. If only Brexit meant ejecting the shortsighted, xenophobic asshats who voted to leave.

      Third….Congratulations on essentially voting to end the United Kingdom.

      Fourth…Fuck off one more time.

      1. martin Avatar

        Two faced ass hole you got me all wrong .im just looking for better life for my kids.im i have lots of black mates you just jumped on this as you think its all about race not true .id love to meet you as iv seen aside of you thats very dark and full of hate .i have a wright to my vote so did you .you did not have to say you think old peple are liveing in the passed .dickhead

        1. A) if you had read closely you might have noticed that the comment was not by me, but by a visitor to this site. B) I am an old person myself, but looking at the demographics (that means a study of how people of different groups votes) that the predominant Leave voters were older people. And I would have said all the words I said in my post to anyone in person.
          Love and Kisses from the dickhead

    2. martin Avatar

      If you cant take a comment about your comments like your one about older fokes then dont say nothering .if we ever meet i will make my self know to you and il tell you how hurtful your words were .

      1. Rose Bliss Avatar
        Rose Bliss

        I find it interesting that Martin feels he has the right to his opinion on someone else’s site and yet, Michael has no right to his own opinion on his own site.

        My feeling is that if Martin doesn’t like what Michael has to say, then he simply doesn’t have to read it. But to come to someone else’s blog and demand that they “keep to porn” rather than share their own feelings shows a very immature and negative attitude of a troll. It also shows that Martin knows very little about D/s and BDSM as well. I wonder why he bothers to read Michael’s blog other than to get his rocks off.

        Age has nothing to do with it, as Martin’s comments clearly show. Just being “older” doesn’t mean you are “wiser”. I know kids who have more wisdom than many so called adults.

      2. NerdyDirtyGirl Avatar

        The comment you jumped on above from was from me, not Michael. Feel free to direct your ire to me.

        Your original comment pissed me because you were taking a very one-dimensional view of him. He’s more than “porn,” which if you’d had any interaction with him at all, you’d know. This site is Michael & Molly’s to do with as they please. None of us get to dictate what they post, especially someone demanding he stick to producing content for your own personal spank fodder.

        Now that you’re probably pissed off all over again, I have a question. If you voted leave for you kids, what exactly about Brexit improves their future in your opinion? Despite my bitchy comment, I am truly curious about this. Like Michael, I’m an American married to a Brit who is deeply upset by this vote.

  2. “Because we are building something. Not tearing something down.”



  3. Rose Bliss Avatar
    Rose Bliss

    This just shows how small the word really is and how one country affects us all.

    There is talk that this is a wake up call for Trump’s followers in the US. It’s doubtful… for them it’s all about “the others” not seeing that limiting the others will drive down commerce and suddenly there will be no gas, no food and the American’s beloved lattes. It will cause a further trickle down affect globally, including in the D/s and porn world (there, got that in).

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