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Time, time, time, is on our side

Molly and I work from home, we are together, on average, 22 hours a day.

I love it. I know many people don’t understand how we can spend so much time in each others company and not kill each other. Now that isn’t to say we don’t get on each others nerves or get upset with each other. We certainly do. But to be quite honest we get along with each other better than we get along with anyone else.

We are an odd pair. I am quite gregarious and out going but I do need a tiny little bit of private time (Thank god she goes to the gym so I can have a poo without someone asking me if I am alright) while Molly is actually quite introverted and can get nervous in new social situations. I think that difference is part of what makes us a good team. Since I am aware of her need to be apart from other people (other than me, oddly) that helps to keep me aware of when to withdraw and since I can be a bit over the top, it gives others a break before my lunacy starts making them back away slowly.

Next month I will have been here for five years, and we will have been together nearly seven. I know about two of those years were online, but because of the type of work I did I was able to spend most of my day with her and once I got home from work and it was time for her to go to sleep we would leave the Skype call up and she would sleep while I watched TV or read and then I would go to sleep and we would sleep together until she got up and started her day by watching me sleep. There were the occasional mishaps where she forgot to mute the mic and her hair dryer would jar me awake. But that was a rare thing. It is a good thing that we met in the time of unlimited broadband because I shudder to think how much data we used. It prepared us for our full time lives as a couple and while I would never go back to LDR it does bring a smile to my face.

I was curious and just did the math (as you do) out of the last 43,800 hours that make up the last five years we spent 40,150 of them together. That is pretty damn remarkable because most days it feels like I have only been here for about a week.

I guess what they say is true. Time flies when you are having fun. I would add, and doubly so when you are with the one that holds your heart.


4 thoughts on “Time, time, time, is on our side

  1. I love how we get a little peek at your relationship. You two are truly a very sweet and lovely couple!

    xo Aiden

  2. I am an introvert. I need a goodly amount of Me Time, and for many years was able to structure my schedule around my husband’s in order to accomplish this.


    He’s been out of work since last summer – almost a year now – and it was a really REALLY tough adjustment to have him around ALL THE TIME. I love him dearly, and if I *must* be around people, I prefer that “people” to be him, but E.GADS.

    I begin to understand why the wives of recently retired men want to kill their husbands. Too much sharing space can be a traumatizing thing!

    I write this with good humor (wink, smile), but it really can be tough to share close quarters such a high percentage of the time. I’m glad it works for you both. 🙂

  3. Aw… you guys just made my day, and gave me a whole lot of hope. I so appreciate that both of you blog the details of your life, feelings and sexuality for those of us who need to see these things and learn from them.

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