Molly cuffed to a chair for cake

Well if it has cake it can’t be all bad



She likes to watch me fuck other women.

She has written about it, we have talked about it while fucking and we have done it with someone a time or two. She loves being the voyeur, rubbing away at her clit while watching my ass rise and fall as I push my cock into someone else. She likes to hear me moan and talk about how good the cunt I am fucking feels, until eventually we all come.

We looked this kink up after discussing it and it turns out it has a name, to be honest I think it is a pretty terrible name and I am not really sure that it applies exactly. But it the closest fit we have found.

What I am talking about is cuckqueaning, which by original definition is a wife with an adulterous husband. That doesn’t fit what we do. But like the concept of the cuckold it has evolved over time. We humans like to make things as complicated as possible and the specificity of our kink is no exception. So cuckold today is a man who is sexually excited by the humiliation of his wife preferring other men, while “hot wife” is about other men desiring your wife because she is so sexy. Cuckqueaning is similar in its many variations.

I want to be clear here, Molly is not into humiliation. While she would like to be caged or tied and made to watch she doesn’t want to hear how the woman I am fucking is better or hotter or that she will only ever get to watch. She wants to participate and the caging or restraining is a tiny little bit of denial that makes the whole thing hotter for her.

Often when she is in the mood for porn those are the kind of Tumblr sites she visits, some are abandoned quickly because of the humiliation aspect, but the ones I see her linger over are the ones where the wife is playing with herself while her husband fucks someone else.

For me, well, I like it too (duh) and there are very specific things about it that turn me on. Molly sucking my cock to get me hard to fuck someone else. Molly guiding my cock inside her. Hearing Molly tell me how sexy it is to watch and to hear her moan as she touches herself. Grrr. All very sexy stuff.

It has been a while since we have had a someone to play this particular game with. And given the rareness of other woman who are willing versus the large number of couples who are looking, well, who knows if we will ever find the right person to do it with again. By the way, the name for the other woman in the cuckqueaning scenario is, the cuckcake. As much as I hate the term cuckquean, there is something a little bit adorable about cuckcake.

Because how can anything that has a bit of cake in it be bad?

It isn’t all easy for me though. It does come with guilt. You see I get to do things with other women yet my jealousy rears its ugly head when I think about Molly with another man. Stupid brain, I really need to find that breaker and switch it off.

Maybe I should write a little FMF fiction for this? What do you think? Molly already has.


P.S. Can we work together to come up with a better word?


4 responses to “Well if it has cake it can’t be all bad”

  1. I’m with you on this, I’m all about the watching, the denial and the frustration. What I cannot handle is the humiliation or him going off and then telling me all about it. I’m not keen on the name cuckquean either as it does points to the classic view but I’m a great believer in taking something and making it your own, traditions are there to be updated.

    Sadly we have never managed to find anyone willing to join in with our fun and something tells us we never will but I don’t think I need to tell you how much he’d love to have his cake and eat her 😉

    Oh, and yes please to the fiction!

  2. Yes! This is something I enjoy too. There is just something really hot about seeing my Master with someone else. There was one time I was tied to a chair to watch (and then threw the condom on me after- hot!) but generally he lets me join in.

  3. Yes yes yes!!

    Also, you and M have exactly the same jealously issues where having other men play with their woman is concerned.

    I agree also, the term is dreadful!

    Velvet x

  4. I like to hear your perspective on this

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