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What inspires you to blog?

Now that is a damn fine question. When that was posed to me on twitter, I didn’t think to ask if they meant “Why do you blog at all?” Or if they meant “What inspires you each day?”

So in my usual way, I will attempt to answer both implied questions.

This blog started on a whim really, born out of a number of people asking if they should continue their 365 photo projects and my brain taking that in and deciding that a 365 project of posts about our D/s life was a good idea.

Stupid brain.

Now it is 192 days later and I am still writing posts. This project has taught me a quite a lot. After many years of supporting many bloggers and encouraging them to create new content. I have found out exactly how difficult it is to do just that and to be completely honest all of you are far better at it than I am. I am truthfully in awe of your talent. I have learned that I have much to learn on the content creation side of blogging and Molly’s posts are always more popular than mine. Just more confirmation that I am talent adjacent.

As to the inspiration for topics each day that bring me here to fill the white page, and believe me when I tell you that there are days when it seems a giant expanse. But most days inspiration just strikes, whether it is something I see on Twitter or something that Molly and I talk about. Sometimes something pops into the randomness that is my head. It is a very rare thing that I know what I will write each day when I wake up, sometimes I have a few post ideas in my head but as often as not they don’t pan out. Sometimes I just can’t find the right words and phrases to express my thoughts properly so I have to find another topic. I have a fair amount of failed drafts that I keep just in case I can salvage something from the wreckage.

And if all else fails I can write about our toys.



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