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Play Grab Hands



It seems that Molly has discovered a new kink. Well, perhaps she has had this kink all along and I just noticed it.

We work in our living room (front room for the Brits) I sit on the sofa with my laptop balance on its right arm and Molly sits to my right in a very comfy chair that I got her for her birthday at a desk on wheels that we bought in a charity shop (Goodwill for the murricans)but that isn’t how we originally sat. At one time we both sat on the sofa and and I would often reach out with my left hand and caress her throughout the day. But back aches have led to our current seating arrangement and a reduction in touching.

Now she claims that she misses touching me as much as she missing being touched, but to be honest I have not seen any evidence of this.

Until recently that is. Lately whenever I have been standing up, usually  to cook, Molly will come up to me in the kitchen and attempt to put her hand in my pants (trousers for the Brits) and fondle me. Now while I do dearly love a good fondling it does not mix well with trying to make lunch or dinner or even baking. She has even taking to grabbing me when we are out shopping. Very pleasant, be very distracting.

Today she managed to hold off on her fondling until we were about to take our shower. She can up behind me and gave me a reach around. This lead to getting my penis into what she calls “A useful shape” I of course believe that my penis is always useful, but I digress. All of this eventually caused us to postpone the shower for a bit of midday fucking in the bedroom. It was all really wonderful and delightful…

Once I managed to finish brushing my teeth.



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  1. LOL, so cute to imagine this. I have grabby hands and fondling fingers too. 🙂

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