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Deep Purple

This will be only the second time I have ever done this. To be honest it kinda sorta will be the first time since I claim the first time I did this that I wasn’t really doing it. Confused yet? Good.

Molly got an email from BondageBunnies asking if she wanted to review one of their products. Now Molly has a firm policy on reviews. You can send it, but she will only write about it if it completely wows her or if it is just so horrible that she must mock it. They seemed to thing that was fair and asked her to pick something. So we perused their site and settled on the Rouge Garments Purple Suede Flogger which we were pretty skeptical about. What made us wary was that it was so inexpensive. We have bought (and decided not to buy) a far few floggers over the years and the price of £37.99 seemed far low to be a quality piece, not to mention that is currently listed as on sale for £27.99.

But we forged boldly ahead, we chose the purple because, well, never pink, we have a lot of black and it matches some of her cuffs and collars. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box and a nice bit of kit was inside. I wont list the specs, the link above will tell you all those numbers. I am here to tell you about how it feels in my hand when I swing it.

It feels pretty damn good. It has something that I look for in any flogger I choose to swing. A certain indescribable heft, like it is going to leave a mark when it makes contact. The falls are thinner than most of the floggers and that can put Molly off as she likes thud more than stings. But it was off with the leggings and bent over a scatter cushion for a trial run. Once again I would have to say that it worked really well. I like to swing hard and fast and it was easy to control and target just the spot I wanted. Molly commented that the impact was interesting with a combination of thud and bite. We plan to give it more extended trial at another time.

We had a friend stop by for a stunt arm session and I decided a second voice couldn’t hurt. So out it came again. This was on a much warmer day which exposed a flaw I hadn’t noticed on it first outing. The handle is very smooth and slick and once I started to sweat a bit it got fairly slippery and I had to use the wrist strap to keep it from sliding out of my grasp. Not a big deal, a touch of sandpaper will make it grip nicely. And my guest bottoms opinion? Two thumbs up?

This piece will fill a nice gap in our toy collection that I didn’t know we had.

That makes it a very pleasant surprise indeed!


P.S. The first time I wrote something like this was when I won a Tenga Spiral male masturbator. I will revive that post sometime in the future because I think it was damn funny 😉

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