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The Machine Version 2.0



“The trick is” He said while fiddling with the knobs and dials ” is to build the steam up slowly” He opened the door to the boiler and dropped a few more small lumps of coal into the fire. Closing the door he used a small set of bellows to stoke the fire. “If you force the fire too quickly you get too much pressure and you can split the boiler. That wouldn’t do at all. It would ruin so many month of hard work”

It wasn’t a big machine, but it gleamed, all brass and polished leather. It matched his apron, elbow length gloves and brass rimmed goggles. Gauges started to move and the bellows began to compress and expand. He turned a dial and the cold metal began to thrust inside her.

“Your purpose my dear, is to help me discover just how many orgasms you can have in a row.” He lifted her skirt to get a better view of the shaft sliding in and out of her. “I am sorry I had to cut a hole in your pretty tights but you did struggle quite a bit while I strapped you to this table.”  She struggle and twisted, all the while moaning against the gag. “I am sorry about the gag as well, I will remove it soon enough, after the third or fourth orgasm I think.” As he spoke he slowly and carefully unbuttoned her blouse. Once her bra was exposed he turned and grabbed a large sharp knife that was hanging on a peg.

Her eyes grew wide at the sight of the blade. “Don’t worry, it is just to remove that pesky bra. I don’t think we will need it for additional stimulus at all.” He thrust his glove clad hand between her thighs and lifting it to his face he took a deep breath. “Oh that smells delicious, I think you are very close.”  He took the knife and slid in under the small strip of fabric that joined the two cups together. “This is my favorite part, the way the fabric resists and then POP” He lifted the knife on that final word and her breasts lay uncovered before his eyes.

Just then her first orgasm swept over her body as he watched her newly freed breasts quiver as her body shuddered. “Oh, you look so lovely when you come, I look forward to seeing that many more times” He turned back to the machine that was thrusting away into her cunt and made an adjustment. “Just a little bit faster for the next one I think” The thick metal spreading her lips moved just a tiny bit faster as it pressed into her very wet pussy.

“I’m going to leave you alone with my little beauty for a bit, I will return when the graph has registered a few more orgasms” With that he lifted his leather apron to reveal a very hard cock.

“Then we shall see what you can do with this once the gag is removed”


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  1. Curvaceous Dee Avatar
    Curvaceous Dee

    *shivers* That’s … that’s very hot!

    xx Dee

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