My hands on keyboard no big head

I’d like a little head

I am not the best. I know that. I am not the best Dom, Man, Husband, Geek, not the best at anything. I think it is good that I know that. It has been my experience that when you think you are the best at something you tend to stop striving to be better. And we can all always improve.

I have spent a lot of my time in my various careers surrounded by people who believe that they are the best. I have seen this process happen many times over. I would first meet them when they were on their way up the ladder of fame and fortune and often really unsure of themselves and if what they are doing is right. But after a while they have more staff and they start to get fed a diet of “You are amazing” and as fame grows people begin to buffer them from the general public they end up living a life of isolation. Every interaction they have is mediated by other people. People who only have their job at the stars whim. That doesn’t lead to a healthy outcome. I don’t need to identify the people that have fallen into this trap. The tabloids are full of examples of the almost inevitable crash and burn that comes from living this way.

I know that I am not famous, nor am I ever likely to be, but starting to believe your own press is not exclusive to the famous. I try as much as possible to be aware when my head starts to swell. I like to think that I am very good at the things that I do but I know that I have the capabilities to learn and grow. I try to take knowledge from wherever I find it be they novices or experts.

You do know what I do right? I was very surprised today to find that someone I have known for quite a long time didn’t. In case you don’t know I mostly deal with websites and related technologies. So if you need anyone to work on a website or really any other types of tech, drop me a line.

Then I can show you just how good I am.



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