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Blood for Thought

Some of you might have read Molly’s post the other day “Out for Blood” and enjoyed it (or not) but it inspired me I can tell you that. So I got out the very lovely knife she got me for our Anniversary and waited for the appropriate moment. I had her sit backward in one of our dining room chairs and lifted the straps of her little Summer dress off of her shoulders and grasping the back of her neck and starting at the top of her back I dragged the sharp blade down across her tender flesh.

I started at the top of her right should and drew the blade down and to the left and then repeated the stroke from her left shoulder down and to the right. This created a lovely red X across her back. She moaned and gasped with each slice of the blade. That, I think, is my favorite part, the sounds she makes as I do this to her body. The way she tries to squirm while I impress on her the absolute need to stay still.

Standing behind and above her I could smell her arousal and I continued to retrace the X on her back. Sometimes the blade would dart quickly, other times it was a slow and harder, pushing against her skin. My goal was to mark her well and then at the end to draw blood. That is the part that works for her the best. To know that she has endured to get that reward, the ultimate mark of her submission. To bleed for me.

After I had made the marks and the flesh tender beneath my blade I slowly and carefully pressed the sharp tip until it pierced the skin and those tiny red droplets began to well up. As I always do when I make her bleed I took her hand and smeared the blood onto her fingers so she could see. It always moves her in a way that is nearly impossible to describe, but suffice it to say that we both love it.

After some admiration in the mirror and a few pictures (there must always be pictures) I unzipped my fly and used her mouth while pressing on the very red marks. The moans as I did so made my orgasm come very quickly and afterwards I thrust my fingers into her very wet pussy and rubbed her Gspot in that special way she enjoys until she came hard on my hand. More pictures of my cum covered fingers resting on her thighs followed and we had a little tidy up before the kids came home from school to turn our day back to the new Autumn routine.

Tonight we are going out and I hope to take liberties in the crowded concert environment even if the cooling weather might make that a touch more difficult. But as I always say “If it was easy, anyone could do it”

I love that her writing inspires action for me and I hope that maybe sometimes my writing does the same for her. Either way we take great joy in practicing our kinks together. I like being inspired by her.


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