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Let your freak flag fly

Hair is the topic of kink of the week, so I best write something about it. My hair has varied over the decades, in the 60’s it was a buzz cut because that was good enough for my Father god dam it so it was going to be god enough for the likes of me. Come the 70’s I had platinum blonde hair that fell straight to the top of my ass. In the 80’s it was a perm. In the 90’s a rat tail and now in the new millennium it is back to being very short with the added joy of going grey and bald.

But this post isn’t about my lack of fashion sense over the course of my life, but rather about hair and kink. Now I don’t have a kink for hair per se but I do certainly have a kink for how it fits into our BDSM play. My partners over the years have worn their hair in a variety of styles and while they were hit and miss for fashion sense I didn’t mind at all. So long as I could slide my hand into their strands of hair and use it to direct and control them

Hair for me is natures leash, a firm grip near the scalp so I can get a good handful and they are mine to command. A place to grip while I am fucking from behind, a way to control depth and speed while my cock is being sucked. All perfection.

It is also good for afterwards when it is time to snuggle, cuddle and kiss. While I have met some women who don’t like it, it is fairly rare thing that a bit of caressing and stroking of hair doesn’t elicit moans of pleasure. While it has often been said that “Gentlemen prefer Blondes” I have to sat that it has always been the Brunettes that catch my eye. I guess I am just not that much of a gentleman.

Molly’s hair fits the bill quite nicely. She has always been a brunette and her hair while on the short side still gives me plenty to fill my grasp.  And while it might be nice to put her in pigtails from time to time, she is sexy enough that I don’t need the charge of that. But, I bet she would go nuts seeing me fuck someone who had pigtails to tug on.

So when we toddle off to bed tonight I will reach over and twine her hair around my fingers and drift off to sleep knowing that she belongs to me. Because holding her hair like that reminds us both.



One thought on “Let your freak flag fly

  1. So I read the whole first paragraph thinking it was Molly writing and I had to read the short, grey and bald bit twice before the light dawned.

    I’m tired. It’s clearly time I went to sleep.

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