A tree for a poem

I think I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a tree



It has been a long hard working weekend and I have not written a post. I am tired. My body aches. So you are going to get some old words I wrote about me and her.

I live a waking dream shaded and sheltered

by visions and vicissitudes

A life become unbound and yet bound again

Dislocation profound is found

to have set me free

Life uprooted and torn

Knit back together

In a seamless whole

By a match to my soul

I wonder then what dreams are next

What wonders await

What life will take

As its next unexpected turn

Until the time comes that I have moved beyond this life

I shall take this dream as my reality

And hold so tight and dear

As to make it last  beyond, and beyond


I apologize if you have read this before. In fact I am sorry you had to read it now. I am not a poem kind of guy it seems, I need to stick to things I can actually do.


PS by Molly, I completely disagree with Michael about him not being a poem kind of guy. I think this is beautiful and reminds me of those earlier months when we had just found one another and were trying to work out how the hell it was all going to pan out.


One response to “I think I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a tree”

  1. SilverEagle Avatar

    I had not seen this before and agree with Molly. It is beautiful and I understand the sentiment behind it.

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