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So it is the month of my birthday. I am not big on birthdays, I don’t mind them but they really aren’t anything special. Just another day of life to live. I do, in fact, have an odd practice, on the first of the year I consider myself a year older.

Since I am a late October Birthday my parents always threw me Halloween themed parties, not because I was a big fan of Halloween but because they had bought the black and orange crepe paper ribbons and other decorations on sale and could leave them up until after Halloween was over.

To be fair once you get older than most of the milestones of your life birthdays tend to lose their appeal. Especially when you can’t have cake anymore, but really the highlights of age are always in your youth, and you are impatient for those moments. When you turn thirteen, when you become sixteen, eighteen, twentyone. All the other moments are not age based, but more random through the years.

Your first child, second child and then in a blink they are grown and married and suddenly you are a grandfather. Now I have had many adventures that started when I passed fifty. I met Molly and moved to the UK. I live in a 24×7 D/s relationship. But none of that is marked by my age.

Aging is a funny thing. In my mind I am still as young and capable as I have even been. But mirrors can help dispel that notion. Each year brings a few new aches and a bit less of the hair that has long ago turned mostly grey. But I am still fairly healthy and strong and have a few more good years yet to give.

But that isn’t true of everything. I don’t have the sex drive of my youth and Molly’s appetites are as strong as they have ever been. I know that this disappoints her and as the years pass the disparity is only likely to grow. This isn’t easy to admit, we as men tend to base a great deal of our self image around our sexual prowess so anything that diminishes that can be a blow to our self esteem.

But that isn’t the important bit, it is an inevitable fact of life when you age, the important part is how I deal with this in regards to a younger woman with a strong and healthy sex drive. So I think it might be time to revisit what Mrs. Fever calls the One Penis Policy.

It’s not going to be easy, and will take a great deal of work.

But then as I always say.

If it was easy, anyone could do it.


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  1. I know a lot of women dealing with this problem. Most of them just suck it up and get it when they can. There is a lot of toy usage to fill in the gaps when they can’t, but of course I think we all know this isn’t the same as intimate connection with another person. However, using a toy while the other person helps is also something I know people do.

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