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  • Best if used by

    Best if used by



    So it is the month of my birthday. I am not big on birthdays, I don’t mind them but they really aren’t anything special. Just another day of life to live. I do, in fact, have an odd practice, on the first of the year I consider myself a year older. Since I am a…

  • Baby you can drive my car…not

    Baby you can drive my car…not



    You know how I wrote that post about being jealous?  Well let us pretend for a moment that I am not the jealous type, that I do indeed get off on sharing my wife with other men (Molly is rubbing herself right now to the thought of this) and was willing to do this. Why…

  • Flirting with(out) Disaster

    Flirting with(out) Disaster

    I love to flirt. Really I do, I will flirt with anyone, seriously, anyone. I enjoy it, a bit of harmless fun and it makes (I hope) the people I flirt with feel good. I like to think that the people I flirt with know that it is safe. That I won’t take the playful…

  • The Passion of the Write

    The Passion of the Write



    Eroticonlive starts tomorrow (well tonight if you count the meet and greet) and I can’t wait for another great event. What makes it great in my opinion isn’t the actual event, although it is fabulous and Ruby, the sponsors and others put so much work into making it great, but really it is the people…

  • Painful Truth

    Painful Truth

    Here is a painful truth I have a problem. I am not good at sharing, well, to be honest I am a generous and sharing man. Do you need help moving? I will be there. Do you need something fixed? I can do that! Need advice or a shoulder to cry on? My ear and…