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I’m an Ass

What I do and say matters and how I handle when I have made a mistake matters too.

We all live in a bubble of our own devising. We form our self view by seeing the best in ourselves even when that is a delusion. We reinforce that vision by only taking on the good and nice things that others say about us. But that is a bubble that can and should be burst.

We are not our best selves if we ignore what others have to say about us and I have forgotten that

I made a mistake today and insulted someone. I was mean and petty and wrong. I am unreservedly sorry that I acted in this way and I offer no excuses for my behavior. I was called out for it and I accept what was said about me and will reflect on not only this instance that I have been wrong but I will apologize to anyone else that my thoughtless and ill conceived words may have hurt.

I let Molly down as well as anyone else that reads what I have to say and to @hungry_joe specifically I can only convey my sincerest regrets. I am sure that this will do nothing to change your opinion of me, but it certainly has caused me to take a hard look at myself.

Life is an ongoing lesson and you ignore those at your own peril. I will do my best to learn from this one.


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