belt marks for Autumn

On a chilly Autumn night



Sometimes it is good to get back to the basics. Tonight is the start of a kids free weekend and we surely can use the break. We talked about going to dinner but we were both tired and stressed so we got some Chinese takeout and had some time in.

It was very relaxing to just hang around and just be us, I know that sounds odd since we spend almost all day every day together. But there is a surprising amount of kid related and work related stuff that can leave us a bit disconnected.

I thought a bit of kinky play might be in order, but it is Autumn here and to say that Molly is not a fan of the cold would be like saying that water is wet and that is something I try to keep in mind. Now you might be thinking, surely the UK has central heating? And you would be right, but there is a game that Molly plays each year. It is called the how long can I wait to turn the heating on game because she really hates to pay for her warmth.

So, how to do something kinky that allowed for maximum clothing and limited flesh exposure?

I decided that two smacks with my belt across her thighs would be just the thing. Now this is a tricky one for Molly. She both loves and hates the belt, she loves it for the marks that it leaves and will happily trace them with her fingers for hours, but she hates the moment of impact.

I have to be honest, I enjoy both her trepidation and the faraway look she gets in her eye once she is done cursing about how much it hurts.

Now I have to leave you since I promised her something special if she was a good girl.

And she was a very good girl indeed,



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