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I rise to the challenge



I love working with my hands. It doesn’t matter if it is taking apart a piece of electronics that have gone haywire or building a fence. Even redoing the surround that was falling apart on the front of our house, an arduous task that involved many hours of sanding, filling, sanding some more, and painting . There is something satisfying about making something better.

It engages a part of my brain that is a deep part of who I am. There is planning and thinking and the inevitable part where all of that planning has to be chucked out because you ran into an unforeseen obstacle that forces you to improvise.

That really works for me, I have been involved in enough projects to know that something will always go wrong and you are going to have to think creatively to get through it. That challenge inspires my brain. Often it means that I have to make something up on the spot, dig through all of the bits and pieces that Molly is trying to get me to throw away until I see just the thing and think “I can adapt this”.

I do the same with our D/s. I plan something, I think on it and in the moment something changes and all of my plans are for naught. This is why I rarely tell Molly before we go out to play what we are going to do. If I lay out a grandiose plan and for whatever reason it just doesn’t happen, like if she isn’t feeling on top form and I have plans to crop her. That will make her feel bad that what I had desired was unable to be accomplished. I never want that. I don’t want her to be disappointed in herself simply because of circumstances.

And quite honestly I find the challenge of changing course quite exhilarating a chance to find the right piece to adapt to the moment gives me a sense of power and purpose that I might otherwise have never discovered.

That suites me to a T.



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