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What a piece of work is man

Bexit should have shown me. Shown me what people are really like, under their polite masks. This isn’t about you who are reading this. I am sure you are all lovely people who don’t care what people look like or where they are from.

This is about the rest. I was (stupidly) surprised at how many of them that there are. And I shouldn’t have been. After all people of color have been telling us for years. We didn’t listen. Women have been crying for our help. We didn’t listen. People of different faiths or no faith at all have have been pleading with us. We didn’t listen. I didn’t listen.

As much as I could wish that I could point to the demographics that voted this monster in and say it’s the poor uneducated white people. It wasn’t. It was just white men and women of all economic backgrounds who only voted for hate.

Now they are free to openly show that hate and send us back to a time when they are able to openly express that hate, and not just with words. They will attack those that are different. They have been doing it already, each time they shot a person of color who just wanted to live.

We are all complicit in this. We have no excuse. We needed to rise up in outrage every single time it happened. Every single time a white man was set free so that his pathetic life wouldn’t be ruined.

We had to know.

I had to know and yet I didn’t stop it.

And this is what that has brought us. We made this, each and every one of us created this hell we all now have to live in. A hell that these people have had to live there whole lives in. How could we do that?

Well no more. We need to own this and take back what we threw away and make it better. We have a new war to fight and it is time to stop being polite and afraid. We need to hit them back as hard as these racists and misogynists have hit us. We don’t need to reach out to them and try to understand them. There is nothing to understand. They are hatred and anger made flesh.

So I will no longer be silent. I will call them out. Every. Single. Time.

Join me


6 thoughts on “What a piece of work is man

  1. I hear your message. And I almost agree with you. But you have left the silent majority unmentioned. Our modern world and thinking has rewarded us with greater addictions, greater rates of abuse murder and violence and frankly we, the silent majority are fed up with having no longer, control over our own destinies

    1. You are the problem Mr Australia. How you found me I don’t know, but blaming crime as an excuse for your racism is just what I am talking about. US Crimes are the lowest they have been in years.
      You can fuck right off

    2. There are ways in which to regain control, Brexit and Trump are not those ways. The silent majority have shown that no one person knows what they want, what makes you think that you do? Yes, those on the left need to do a better job of listening to others they may disagree with, but I’ve seen precisely zero evidence of Brexiters and Trump supporters doing any listening at all. In order for humanity to move forward it needs everyone on all sides to listen, sympathise and respect.

    3. “the silent majority”

      The Silent Majority.

      Funny, I hear a fuck of a lot about this ‘silent’ majority, but they don’t seem to be particularly silent. They are rarely silent in comment sections, when they pop up with their ‘nudge nudge wink wink you KNOW what I mean about crime’ racism. They are not silent on Twitter, this ‘silent majority’ who tell women that they deserve to get raped for having an opinion. They are not silent at the ballot-box either, when they nudge racists into power, giving tacit permission for others in that ‘silent majority’ to now give even louder voice to their abhorrent views.

      Silent majority could do with being a bit more fucking silent if you ask me. Close your mouth and maybe you’ll start hearing some actual facts – like the fact, as Michael says, that crime in the US is down. Like the fact that marginalised people of colour have a much harder struggle than the white middle-class who overwhelmingly voted for a racist demagogue out of some kind of pathetic, childish, terrifying, supremacist desire to keep all the nice toys for them and their white smug racist mates even though it will leave them immeasurably worse off than the alternative.

      Think you’re the silent majority? Listen the fuck up over the coming weeks and months, because if the impact of Trump in the US is going to be anything like the impact of Brexit in the UK, you’ll hear a lot more of this ‘silent’ majority – shouting racist epithets on public transport, writing bigoted opinion pieces in the media, and generally putting a bullhorn to their mouths to amplify their hate. Listen up, and recognise that you are helping these people. You enable them. You are one of them.

      Then please, please, please Mr ‘Silent Majority’: live up to your bullshit name and shut the fuck up.

  2. I take some comfort from the sheer volume of messages across my social media speaking of love and hope and solidarity and making suggestions of what to do next. Some. It’s a start.

  3. As a plus size older woman who has been raped and whose belief system is non-Christian (I’m a Pagan), I have been discriminated against more times than I can count.

    The win in this election traumatized me more than I ever dreamed it would. I was raped 4 times, sexual assaulted numerous times, and sexually harassed constantly, and still, even online. I’ve been saying that if I had $100 every time a man (usually conservative Christian) told me that I didn’t know my place, I could fly to Paris first class.

    The fact that a man who condones and participates in molesting women and girls has made it to the highest office in America, has made it open season on all women. Add to that anyone who is LGBT, non-white, other non-Christian religions and those who are poor, it’s clear that the only people who will enjoy “making America great again” are white straight Christian men, who are also rich.

    While Trump had fans and followers of all kinds, demographics suggest that the majority were “poorly educated” white conservative Christians, with low education rates and trained on how and what to think by the church (been there too, which is why I’m now an Atheist-leaning Pagan).

    Looking back at the articles I saved from the past 16 months both pro and con about Donald Trump, I realized he was telling everyone what he was doing. It was right there, hidden in plain sight. Everything he accused Clinton of doing was what he was doing and we all saw only what we wanted to see.

    Conservative whites were looking for a savior to improve their life which they blamed the government, not realizing that Trump was the government too.. he became part of the problem once he decided to run for office. He proved that with his acceptance speech, saying he wants to be the president for all Americans.. a sharp departure from the speech he gave two nights prior ranting about hate and violence. So in his acceptance speech, he basically threw his fans and followers under the bus, and they still haven’t noticed.

    What worries me the most, are those of this throng will take his words to heart and feel they have permission of the president to grab, molest, assault, rape as well as shoot, hang and kill anyone they don’t like or agree with.

    The night of the election, I read a comment that both angered and perplexed me; that politicians always lie during campaigns and we shouldn’t take their words seriously. Really? Then what’s the point of campaigning? If they can’t say what they mean and mean what they say, why should anyone trust them? They can say what they want on the campaign trail and then change direction as soon as they are elected. I know that this is typical political behavior, but since when does that make it right? Is it any surprise that the majority of citizens (in any country) do not trust government? What have they done to prove their are trust-worthy?

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