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Another Notch on my Belt


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A small snippet of life in our household to set the scene.

Molly and I tend to be night owls, often by the time we actually turn the light out and go to sleep it is 2 AM. The kids get up and make breakfast and head off to school and the slam of the front door is what usually wakes me up. I grab my phone and read my book, surf twitter and wait for her to wake up. Once she is awake there is the obligatory (much loved) snuggle in bed which always includes pussy stroking (her pussy, not either of the annoying cats) until I just can’t be in bed anymore and get up. She grudgingly gets up too and puts on her gym clothes and heads off. I have a chance for an uninterrupted poo (I need an empty house for this to happen) and do some housework or house project until she returns. I have gotten very good at knowing, without her texting me, when she will be home so I make coffee in time for her to have a cup waiting as she walks through through the door (I am SUCH a good Dom) and after coffee is consumed, we head upstairs for our shower together.

Now shower time is often when we start or continue discussion on a variety of topics that are on our mind (and often where the notions for these daily posts are fleshed out) and these conversations continue as we head into the bedroom and dress (or not) for the day. Yesterday went just along those lines, except that Molly had laid down on my side of bed and hooking her hands behind her knees spread herself for me. This is a rather more common occurrence than I think happens in most homes and I do love it. But if you want to know what my biggest kink is, it’s subverting expectations and so to indulge that kink I grabbed my belt off the hook on the wall.

Now the belt always makes her eyes go wide and this time was no exception. After a few moment of her trying to beg her way out of it I told her firmly that this WAS going to happen and to lay down.

It was just one lick of the belt, but as always she gasps and curls up, followed very quickly by uncurling and inspecting the mark and she looked at me with those very hungry eyes, and that look only intensified when I showed her just how hard it made me. It was a very good mark, one bright line and above that line you could see how the flesh was already beginning to bruise. She spent the rest of that day and night looking at the mark and pressing on it to make the ache that she loves so much linger. I liked it so much that this morning when I woke her it was with my cock pushing in her mouth, hard again just from thinking about marking her.

I told her we were going to do it again post shower and after making her lay down and stop negotiating how hard the hit was going to be I gave her just one good strike again. She looked at me afterwards,  all the while tracing the new belt mark on her thigh and said

“Oh Sir, I love/hate this game.”

Belt and mark on thigh

And that makes it all worthwhile.


P.S. 3PM on Monday my love 😉


2 responses to “Another Notch on my Belt”

  1. Curvaceous Dee Avatar
    Curvaceous Dee

    Crikey – that’s an effective belt indeed!

    I love hearing about your household routines, too 🙂

    xx Dee

    1. There will certainly be more of those. Thanks Dee


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