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  • The Marks of Excellence

    The Marks of Excellence


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    You might have read Molly’s post on pain and marks. It inspired me to write on why I love to mark her. To the wider world I am sure it is a concept that is hard to grasp, people taking part in an activity that consists of one person hurting another enough to leave bruises…

  • To the Pain!

    To the Pain!

    Today I read this post by @BibulousOne about the intersectional relationship between Dominance and Sadism and Submission and Masochism. For the most part I completely agree with it however I am not convinced that anyone truly inhabits the centre cross, which is supposedly the non kink folks. I truly believe that everyone has a kink,…

  • Another Notch on my Belt

    Another Notch on my Belt


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    A small snippet of life in our household to set the scene. Molly and I tend to be night owls, often by the time we actually turn the light out and go to sleep it is 2 AM. The kids get up and make breakfast and head off to school and the slam of the…

  • An Awesome Blossom

    An Awesome Blossom


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    A blossom of pain that is. This is me being clever Do you get it? Ahhh well, just me then.   If you read yesterday’s post then you might know that these are some new Xmas gifts that Molly and I exchanged.  Barring England sinking into the sea, not an unreasonable proposition given the almost…