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The Marks of Excellence

You might have read Molly’s post on pain and marks. It inspired me to write on why I love to mark her.

To the wider world I am sure it is a concept that is hard to grasp, people taking part in an activity that consists of one person hurting another enough to leave bruises or welts.

It really isn’t really so hard to understand if you look to sports.

People participate in sports that are at the very least dangerous and often lethal and for what? Sure a very select few might be good enough to make a living at it but the rest do it because they love it. They are willing to let people punch them or to slam them to the ground or even jump out of perfectly good airplanes. What do they get from it? The same thing that we do, the rush, the excitement, your pulse pounding (and they all probably fuck like bunnies afterwards just like we do) and for me, a damn hard cock.

I often look at a play session like an endurance race. Is everyone well rested? Have you had plenty of fluids? (has Molly gone for a wee) Is my equipment prepared and in good order? Then the starters gun is fired, you start off slow and steady, or maybe sometimes with a quick burst, but settle into a rhythm. You are concentrated, focused, but always working to your goal, and oh what a goal it is. It has a tangible reward, you are turning your partner on, turning yourself on and if you did it all just right you reach the finish line where you have taken her to subspace and she has endured to get the visible results of your match. The marks that show what you have accomplished.

And just like sport there is the “cool down” afterward where you sooth the aches and pains, re-hydrate, maybe a bit of cake and a cup of tea (no, not for me :P) and a lot of snuggling. Sports could do with some post game snuggling, couldn’t it?

I am always proud of her when she has endured that she is willing to take the pain she sometimes doesn’t like for the marks and ache she does love, and to be honest I am proud of myself. That I have judged things just right to draw the moment out for as long as possible. That I have measured the strokes just right, and then, when the moment is right to have pushed beyond where we have been before.

To me that is the mark of our excellence, and better than any Olympic gold medal.


P.S. I am aware that there will be some people who are unhappy that I have compared kink to sports and a equal number who are unhappy that I have compared sports to kink. To be completely honest I don’t really care at all about sports, but I care a great deal about our kink and even more about the journey my love and I have undertaken. So go off to the pub if you want and toss back a few beers while cheering on (insert local sports team here) I will be busy flogging Molly making us both wildly excited and happy 😀

4 thoughts on “The Marks of Excellence

  1. Once again you hit the nail on the head with this post. I’m an ex extreme sports enthusiast, I no longer feel the need to push myself in that arena simply because he can take me to the same place and fulfilment during a play session.

  2. I love the way you’ve written this piece. Also if I may ask, when you’re doing this, you sound you’re in control, which I think you are. But has it ever been that you’ve lost your composure and actually hurt someone?

    1. Thank you for this question. I started writing a reply and when it got beyond 100 words I realized (and Molly pointed out) that I was writing a post. She is right, so I will answer this in a post 🙂

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