stocking for knock your socks off

Knock Your Socks Off



Socks, Stockings, Tights, Holdups, Pantyhose. In a word hosiery.

Those sexy (or sometimes not) items that encase a woman’s (yeah, yeah, I know men too, but men don’t do it for me) legs.

Now I am going to have to start this post with some language lessons.
In the UK stockings are held up by suspenders not a garter belt. Holdups in the UK are thigh highs in the US.
In the US they are pantyhose, in the UK they are tights.
In the final listing I am going to include leggings (said “leggins”) now Molly is going to tell you that I am wrong and that these don’t belong on this list. But as far as I can tell they are tights without feet that are sometimes more opaque than tights (only true for Molly’s winter leggings) and it is a common sight to see someone out and about with just leggings and a slightly longish top.

Here is an example of leggings.

Tights for Knock your socks off

As you may have noticed Molly is a big fan. She has them all and loves to wear them.  She has a million types of socks in every color of the rainbow, from her little girly socks (grrr) to her long stripey socks in her twitter avi. And oh my the stockings and hold ups. I was so surprised when I moved here to find that these delightful little items are not something you can only get in Victoria Secrets of Frederick of Hollywood, but in the local supermarket. This is one clear advantage the the UK has over the US.

Now I don’t really have a kink for hosiery, there is nothing about them, specifically about her wearing them, that gets me going. I mean, sure they are sexy but it is because they help her look sexy and slutty to me. What gets me going?

Cutting them off.

Oh wow, yes. A sharp knife, a jug of wine, and thou in laddered (with a run) stockings. That will do the trick quite nicely thank you very much.

As a matter of fact it is time for me to have her put things on, for me to cut off.

Then fuck her like the little slut she is.


Molly’s PS…Correction – Socks are NOT hosiery…. they are near the tights and stockings in the shop but they are not thought of as the same things. Socks are socks, a completely separate genre in their own right. However if are interested in my thoughts on stockings and tights then I wrote about it here. She’s got legs


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