Bundling canes for DIY

And I’ll tell you, straight in the eye

My Dad was good with his hands, well with cars at least and I started off with holding the drop light, graduated to handing him tools and eventually with fixing the problem myself. This suited me because I have always liked knowing how things work. I took apart a fair few household appliances and my parents prized console stereo system, almost all of which I put back together successfully.

I am a firm believer in knowing how things work. I have always felt that if you know how something works you can use it better. It doesn’t hurt that I am endlessly curious about, well, almost everything. I spent today at my In-laws house for an extended Eroticon meeting (I know it sounds odd but Molly’s mother is very excited about our conference) and she has discovered that I can fix things. To be honest I like doing thing for her. It gives me a sense of satisfaction to repair something and she is always so thrilled that I have made it work.

Today the goal was to expose some bathtub plumbing to see if an occasional leak could be tracked down, she had started the job but there was just one screw she couldn’t get out. So when we set off this morning I packed a few tools in the car confident that I could have it all done in a jiffy.

Ah, but then anyone who has ever done any DIY knows that it never goes that smoothly and it was a good hour before I had tracked down all the hidden screws and cut the bit of board down that was making the whole project grind to a halt, but eventually I managed to wrangle it out and sure enough the overflow pipe fitting had come loose. A bit of tightening and all was well. She was thrilled and apologetic in that way the only the English can manage, thrilled that it was fixed and mortified that it turned into a bigger job than she had implied.

I like that sense of satisfaction I get from meetingĀ  a challenge and when it is working with my hands it is even better. I think (and I am sure you were wondering how this related to D/s) that is why the physical aspects of BDSM appeal to me so much. I am working with my hands and Molly is my project. I am building something every time we play together and I relish that exertion that it wrings from my body and well as the mental satisfaction I get from each step of play. Each implement I use, each way that I employ that implement and the results of all of it.

It really does take me to a place that centers and grounds me and makes it easier to deal with all of the other aspects of life that are always buzzing in my head.

I think it is time for a bit of home DIY now.


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